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Building a tax fairyland in Luxembourg in five not-so-easy steps

By Alison Fitzgerald and Kimberley Porteous

Five transactions and five tax exemptions for Koch in Luxembourg

By Alison Fitzgerald and Kimberley Porteous

Luxembourg tax deals for Disney, Koch brothers empires revealed

By Alison Fitzgerald and Marina Walker Guevara

Brand-name companies' secret Luxembourg tax deals revealed

New bank leak shows how rich exploit tax haven loopholes

Manhattan just another island haven for dirty money

By Michael Hudson

How an island paradise became a haven for dirty money

By Michael Hudson and Matthew Shaer

Offshore shells helped tangle Chinese giant in Italian fraud scandal

ICIJ denounces brutal attack on Ming Pao editor

By Gerard Ryle

Authorities block online access to ICIJ's exposé of Chinese elite's offshore holdings

How ICIJ reported on China's offshore leaks

By The Center for Public Integrity

ICIJ offshore records reveal tax haven clients in China, Hong Kong

Highlights of Offshore Leaks so far

By Kimberley Porteous and Emily Menkes

Paradise of untouchable assets

By Leslie Wayne


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