Kate Willson

International Consortium of Investigative Journalists

Kate Willson joined the Center for Public Integrity in 2007 as an investigative reporting fellow after a career in newspapers during which time she received more than 20 regional and national first-place awards for her investigative, enterprise, and crime reporting. She has reported from Central and South America as well as Southeast Asia. Willson received a bachelor’s in French from Oregon State University and a master’s in international print journalism from American University. Having lived in France and Belgium and worked extensively in Colombia, she is fluent in both French and Spanish. She left the Center in 2013.

IMPACT: RTI Biologics suspends import of human tissue from Ukraine

By Kate Willson

IMPACT: Pentagon, Congress probe tissue contracts

By Thomas Maier, Kate Willson and Michael Hudson

Traceability elusive in global trade of human parts

By Kate Willson and Mar Cabra

Body brokers leave trail of questions, corruption

Human corpses are prize in global drive for profits

Fishing nations approve overhaul of bluefin tuna tracking system

By Kate Willson and Marina Walker Guevara

‘Pirate’ fleet owner convicted of fish fraud

By Kate Willson and Mar Cabra

Hake hoax in Spanish markets

By Mar Cabra, Marcos Garcia Rey and Kate Willson

Top fisheries official says EU is investigating illegalities by Spanish companies

By Kate Willson

Nearly €6 billion in subsidies fuel Spain’s ravenous fleet

Spain doles out millions in aid despite fishing company's record

By Kate Willson and Mar Cabra

Threatened bluefin tuna may not get much help from international conference

By Kate Willson

French officials finally respond to allegations of doctored data

By Kate Willson

Looting the Seas

By Kate Willson

Overview: The black market in bluefin

Part I: A Mediterranean feeding frenzy

By Kate Willson and Jean-Pierre Canet

Meet the BINGOs

By Kate Willson and Andrew Green

Industry, greens react to lower expectations for climate talks

By Marianne Lavelle and Kate Willson

BINGOs and the global lobbyist

By Kate Willson

Alleged arms trafficker has long record

By Kate Willson

Smuggler pleads guilty to moving 27 million smokes

By Kate Willson

Black markets, organized crime ravaging West Africa

By Kate Willson