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White, male and millennial: Hate groups tap bro culture to recruit members

By Rosanna Cooney and News21 Staff

Murdered and missing Native American women challenge police and courts

By Garet Bleir, Anya Zoledziowski and News21 Staff

Bias-response teams criticized for sanitizing campuses of dissent

By Jasmine Putney, Shelby Knowles and News21 Staff

Lack of trust in law enforcement hinders reporting of LBGTQ crimes

By Emma Keith , Katie Gagliano and News21 Staff

Rising hate drives Latinos and immigrants into silence

Black Americans still are victims of hate crimes more than any other group

As intolerance grows, targeted religious groups join forces

By and News21 Staff

Millions are victims of hate crimes, though many never report them

Colonias on the border struggle with decades-old water issues

By News21 Staff, Maria Esquinca and Andrea Jaramillo

Crumbling pipes, tainted water plague black communities

Military bases' contamination will affect water for generations

Industrial waste pollutes America’s drinking water

Farming activity contaminates water despite best practices

Schools fail lead tests while many states don’t require testing at all

By News21 Staff, Elissa Nuñez and Amy Molloy

Millions consumed potentially unsafe water in the past 10 years

Post 9/11 veterans come home to a nation that cannot address their needs

By News21 Staff