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As disease-bearing ticks head north, weak government response threatens public health

By Kristen Lombardi and Fatima Bhojani

Study delivers good, bad news on climate-impacting methane leakage from gas wells

By Lisa Song and Jim Morris

Coal industry, Hill allies target fine print of Obama climate plan

By Kristen Lombardi

EPA proposes first limit on greenhouse gases

By Chris Hamby

Hotter, drier, meaner: Trends point to a planet increasingly hostile to agriculture

By Douglas Fischer

Before Obama retreat on ozone, EPA chief fretted over likely illnesses and deaths

By Corbin Hiar

Federal auditors find no evidence to support 'Climategate' accusations

By Douglas Fischer

As tornado costs rise, Congress might finally pony up some money to look at ways to limit damages

By Laurel Adams

Decades after Clear Air Act, most smokestacks still lack scrubbers

By Keith Epstein

'Clean' natural gas adding to climate change

By Chris Hamby and Jim Morris

Greenhouse cash

By Chris Hamby

Following record temperatures in 2010, lobbyists likely to turn up heat

By Laurel Adams

Modest progress expected at climate talks in Cancun

By Marina Walker Guevara

Lobbyists rush to block EPA action on climate change

By Marianne Lavelle

The climate lobby from soup to nuts

By Marianne Lavelle and M.B. Pell

A global lack of transparency

By M.B. Pell