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Coal ash no worse than everyday trash, EPA rules

EPA to regulate coal ash amid court settlement

By Kristen Lombardi

EPA under the gun to regulate coal ash

By Kristen Lombardi

As EPA delays new coal ash rules, residents turn to the courts for relief

By Kristen Lombardi

State settlement boosts monitoring at massive coal ash dump bordering two states

By Chris Hamby

IMPACT: Environmental groups sue EPA over lack of coal ash regulation

By Emma Schwartz

Coal ash spills into Lake Michigan after bluff collapse

By Sarah Whitmire

Republicans score another symbolic defeat for EPA — this time over toxic coal ash

By Alexandra Duszak

IMPACT: House committee limits EPA ability to regulate coal ash

By Evan Bush

EPA releases utilities' plans to make coal ash storage safer

By John Solomon

Republicans move forward against coal ash regulation

By Chris Hamby

Republican duo supported by energy industry seek to rein in EPA on coal ash

By Kristen Lombardi

Dispute in Pennsylvania town highlights EPA's coal ash dilemma

By Amy Biegelsen

"Beneficial use" of Coal Ash in question as EPA mulls regulation

By Kristen Lombardi

A public with lots to tell EPA about coal ash

By Kristen Lombardi

One town’s recurring coal ash nightmare

By Kristen Lombardi