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Coal ash spills into Lake Michigan after bluff collapse

By Sarah Whitmire

Republicans score another symbolic defeat for EPA — this time over toxic coal ash

By Alexandra Duszak

New GOP target at EPA: Graduate student interns who are tools of Obama’s 'radical policies'

By Alexandra Duszak

Nuclear miscalculation: Why regulators miss power plant threats from quakes and storms

By Susan Q. Stranahan

Keystone pipeline fight: Wall Street is watching

By Corbin Hiar

Risk to nuclear plants in hurricane's path may not be what you think

By Corbin Hiar

What are the risks of an earthquake beneath a reactor near you?

By Chris Hamby

FACT CHECK: Anti-Obama ad based on "unsound" industry-funded study

By FactCheck.Org

Federal fracking response could be years away

By Evan Bush

What to expect from a President Perry on the environment? Some Texas-sized clues

By Jim Morris and Evan Bush

IMPACT: Green groups challenge EPA's air pollution exemption for biomass power plants

By Ronnie Greene

U.S. advisory group on fracking has abundant ties to energy industry

By Evan Bush

IG reports question management of contractors at nuclear sites

By Corbin Hiar

IMPACT: House committee limits EPA ability to regulate coal ash

By Evan Bush

EPA appears firm on limiting air toxics at coal power plants

By Evan Bush