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U.S. regulators opening up on flawed nuclear power plant policing

By Susan Q. Stranahan

Obama administration signals higher gas royalties on public lands — and anticipated industry resistance

By Evan Bush

Fact Check: Permitting some fudging on oil stats

By Margaret L. Ryan

EPA releases utilities' plans to make coal ash storage safer

By John Solomon

Report: Generators could fail at U.S. nuclear plants

After decades, preventable fire hazards persist at Alabama reactor

By Susan Q. Stranahan

Some energy CEOs among highest paid U.S. corporate bosses

By Chris Hamby

More hiring through 'green' chemistry?

By Jim Morris

A more likely nuclear nightmare

By Susan Q. Stranahan

Could rupture of aging pipeline ignite nuclear plant's control room?

By Susan Q. Stranahan

Yucca Mountain cancellation creates expensive headaches for DOE and Navy

By Laurel Adams

National biomass debate intensifies with new limits in Massachusetts

By Ronnie Greene

Coal is back, even as the Obama administration pushes green energy

By Jeremy Borden and Jim Morris