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Environmental injustice: EPA neglects discrimination claims from polluted communities

By Corbin Hiar

IMPACT: Day after story on weak enforcement, a state cracks down on polluter

By Chris Hamby

Despite lone inspector’s efforts, persistent haze envelops Iowa town

By Chris Hamby

Poisoned Places: By the numbers

By Sarah Whitmire

IMPACT: EPA posts secret 'watch list' that includes chronic polluters

By Corbin Hiar

In smelter town, decades of dirty air, disease — and bureaucratic dawdling

By Jim Morris and Emma Schwartz

5 questions for William Ruckelshaus

By Corbin Hiar

Why Americans still breathe known hazards decades after ‘clean air’ law

By Jim Morris and Corbin Hiar

In polluted Pennsylvania suburb, a Republican takes on state regulators

By Jim Morris

Where regulators failed, citizens took action — testing their own air

Town divided over major employer's permission to pollute the air

By Howard Berkes and Sarah Harris


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