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Compensation program for sick nuclear workers plagued by problems, ombudsman finds

By Jamie Smith Hopkins

Brokers of junk science?

By Jie Jenny Zou

Ford spent $40 million to reshape asbestos science

By Jim Morris

Making a cancer cluster disappear

By David Heath

Meet the ‘rented white coats’ who defend toxic chemicals

By David Heath

About 'Science for Sale'

By Jim Morris

Residents of minority communities decry dumping of toxic coal ash

By Talia Buford

Civil Rights Commission to hold hearing on environmental justice

By Kristen Lombardi and Talia Buford

Commentary: The deeper meaning of Flint

By Jim Morris

Report underlines recent worker hazards at old weapons plants

By Jim Morris and Jamie Smith Hopkins

Commentary: The unseen toll of workplace disease in America

By Jim Morris

Shattered victims of 'La Bestia' seek help for their desperate countrymen

By Maryam Jameel

Steel mill that never was 'casts a shadow' on EPA Office of Civil Rights

By Talia Buford and Kristen Lombardi

Upended by America’s ‘third wave’ of asbestos disease

By Jim Morris, Maryam Jameel and Eleanor Bell Fox

Side benefit of climate accord: Better health in polluted communities

By Jim Morris

Ailing, angry nuclear-weapons workers fight for compensation

By Jim Morris and Jamie Smith Hopkins