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Workplace injury, illness costs being foisted on workers, government, OSHA's Michaels says

By Talia Buford and Maryam Jameel

Special issue of journal looks at fracking's effects on people, animals

By Jim Morris

Chemical Safety Board cuts investigations amid alleged mismanagement

By Maryam Jameel

Black history and heritage bulldozed by gas boom

By Eleanor Bell Fox and Talia Buford

Scientist with industry ties won't lead EPA chemical risk-assessment program

By David Heath

Republicans used to support the EPA, says former administrator

By The Center for Public Integrity

Hear how politics beat science on chemical research

By David Heath

Republican bills take aim at EPA science, rulemaking

By David Heath

Obama's EPA breaks pledge to divorce politics from science on toxic chemicals

By David Heath

Yellowstone spill contaminates drinking water with carcinogen benzene

By Jim Morris

Groups sue to force EPA's hand on oil and gas emissions

By Jamie Smith Hopkins

Environment stories you may have missed

By The Center for Public Integrity

Coal ash no worse than everyday trash, EPA rules

One-stop science shop has become a favorite of industry—and Texas

By Rosalind Adams and Lisa Song

Texas weakens chemical exposure guidelines, opens door for polluters

By Lisa Song and Rosalind Adams

Citing health risks, New York State bans fracking

By Talia Buford