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Deadly bugs on the loose: Federal monitors scramble to keep track of dangerous bioterror research

By Jeffrey E. Stern and Patrick Malone

Can Trump single-handedly order a nuclear attack on North Korea?

By Patrick Malone and R. Jeffrey Smith

Trump seeks to spend more on nuclear weapons but buys little added capability

By Patrick Malone

Repeated warnings preceded collapse of a Hanford tunnel storing deadly wastes

By Peter Cary and Patrick Malone

Trump's Air Force nominee: no need to detail her work under nuclear lab consulting contracts

By Patrick Malone

Ethics watchdogs: Why won't Trump’s pick for Air Force secretary account for her contractor work?

By Patrick Malone

The public favors cutting defense spending, not adding billions more, new survey finds

By Peter Cary

Trump budget: an extra billion dollars for nuclear weapons

By Patrick Malone and R. Jeffrey Smith

Trump may turn U.S. foreign policy and military planning upside down

By R. Jeffrey Smith

U.S.-Russian deal to dispose of tons of nuclear weapons fuel is officially torn up by Moscow

By Patrick Malone and R. Jeffrey Smith

Deadly pathogens repeatedly dispatched by U.S. labs to unsecure sites

By R. Jeffrey Smith and Patrick Malone

The Pentagon has shipped more than a million small arms to Iraq and Afghanistan’s defense forces

By Lauren Chadwick and R. Jeffrey Smith

U.S. declines to acknowledge Afghanistan’s child soldiers, experts complain

By Lauren Chadwick

Scientists say nuclear fuel pools around the country pose safety and health risks

By Patrick Malone and R. Jeffrey Smith

Auditors criticize Pentagon for wasting property and ammunition

By Lauren Chadwick

Debunked: Terrorist attacks often occur in clusters

By Lauren Chadwick