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"… on some people. This county, Jefferson, received an “F” grade from the American Lung Association for its ozone levels. “That is probably my main trigge …"

"… Obama administration carbon-cutting initiative. On June 1, Trump announced America’s withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement. Trump’s promises to de …"

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"… ow we're going to do that, actually.” …"

"… wn accustomed to foreign sources of materials — from Asia, Europe, Latin America — to make flooring and all kinds of other goods.    “I …"

"… trade-war drum even harder, starting the process to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement, NAFTA, with Mexico and Canada, and slapping countri …"

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"… dernization plan,” said Hans Kristensen, an analyst at the Federation of American Scientists who closely follows nuclear weapons programs. “It’s not cl …"

"… a little silly.” The NNSA has long understated the costs of modernizing America’s nuclear arsenal, according to a report last month by the Government Ac …"

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"… overall cleanup from 2024 to 2042. (Hanford remains the most toxic site in America and the government’s most costly environmental cleanup task.) “The De …"

"… the complex’s massive factory for making plutonium, a key sparkplug for America’s nuclear weapons. Managers at the plant initially sought to use it as a …"

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"… ical prospects. That Election 2020 has already begun is too much for most Americans. Nearly two-thirds of potential voters say the length of presidential c …"

"… d-a-half months. Driving Election 2020’s ultra-early spending are Great America PAC and Committee to Defend the President, a pair of “hybrid” super PA …"

"… Beach, a longtime Republican political operative and co-chairman of Great America PAC. “In fact, Trump’s supporters — our community — is increasingl …"

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"… il fuel polluters. The heart of the winning entry was a project titled “America’s Super Polluters.” NPF judges said of the project, which is part of t …"

"… ic dust bowls.” The winning entry, “Carbon Wars,” included stories "America’s Super Polluters,” "Get someone up here. We’re all dying" and "Stat …"

"… to those who live in these at-risk communities." The Center partnered on America’s Super Polluters with Gannett and Weather.com, the latter of which prod …"

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"… s is not new to election officials. This conversation was news to a lot of Americans. Quite frankly, I think election officials did a great job embracing the …"

"… e voters. It is my opinion, in the vast majority of jurisdictions today in America, it is easier to vote today than it has ever been. We have more days of ea …"

"… s as important, if not more important as it’s ever been. [Since the Help America Vote Act of 2002], elections have become more and more technological, have …"

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"… ling Medical Associates, Cornell University and Corrections Corporation of America Of all agencies, the U.S. Department of Defense employed the most wage vi …"

"… to D.C. in 2016. Federal contractors account for almost a quarter of the American workforce and took in more than $470 billion in taxpayer funds in 2016, a …"

"… ween $16.24 and $18.74 an hour, according to the Communications Workers of America, which filed a complaint with the Labor Department in December seeking bac …"

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"… lso getting $3 million apiece, and the Investigative Reporting Workshop at American University, which is receiving $500,000. The Democracy Fund is a biparti …"

"… ical system can withstand new challenges and deliver on its promise to the American people.”  First Look Media, also launched by Omidyar, is a media&n …"

"… nd depth of a remarkable set of nonprofit newsrooms at a pivotal moment in American history.”   The grant announcement continues a run of significant …"

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"… ed a $54 billion boost to federal spending for the military, a majority of Americans prefer a cut of $41 billion. While Trump has proposed a $2.8 billion inc …"

"… has proposed a $2.8 billion increase for homeland security, a majority of Americans favor a $2 billion cut. Altogether, the survey looked at the 10 top are …"

"… . The new study is consistent with previous poll results, suggesting that Americans’ budget preferences haven’t shifted that much, even after last year …"

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"… usually muscular role shaping U.S. trade policy under President Trump’s "America First" mantra. The company has ties to a major Chinese investment fund, an …"

"… t we can” to trade policy, Ross said. Ross said renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement would be a priority. But among all the investments …"

"… enda. Trump regularly bashes a handful of foreign countries as enemies of America’s financial or national security interests. In a 2015 book released dur …"

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"… mpetitions. The Center was a winner in three categories of the Society of American Business Editors and Writers “Best in Business” competition, while ta …"

"… t.” The multimedia project showed that there is still a deep divide in America regarding access to high-speed Internet connections. Judges commented tha …"

"… e.” The business award marked the Panama Papers project’s fifth major American journalism prize. ICIJ was a project of the Center for Public Integrity w …"

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"… document released by the White House on March 16 — and entitled “America First: A Budget Blueprint to Make America Great Again” — containe …"

"… arch 16 — and entitled “America First: A Budget Blueprint to Make America Great Again” — contained only a few sentences about the proposal, …"

"… . nuclear deterrent.” It also urged Obama not to endorse further cuts in America’s nuclear arsenal, arguing that such a move would “put our country, it …"

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"… esent a long list of high-profile corporate clients, including Amazon.com, American Airlines, private prison company the Geo Group (which contributed $5,000 …"

"… lliance of Catholic Health Care; David Bockorny, whose clients include the American Beverage Association and 21st Century Fox; former Rep. Susan Molinari, no …"

"… nancial Services Roundtable, the Property Casualty Insurers Association of America, the Independent Community Bankers of America, Holland & Knight and th …"

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"… om them. At least a dozen registered lobbyists donated money to Trump for America, as the transition team was officially known, according to a Center for Pu …"

"… Comcast, Pfizer, United Airlines and Visa — donated $5,000 to Trump for America in November, according to a filing with Congress known as an LD-203 report …"

"… ts including Cox Enterprises, Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) and tobacco company Philip Morris International, contributed $1,00 …"

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"… nd a White House that promises to appoint the most pro-drilling Cabinet in American history. “We’ve got the scientists, we’ve got the lawyers, and we …"

"… tion. It was the largest discharge of methane, a potent greenhouse gas, in American history. The state’s overall carbon emissions have decreased in recent …"

"… rich enclaves on the coast, the industry wooed moderate Latino and African-American lawmakers from urban and rural districts where energy firms tend to opera …"

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"… e them as innocuous learning experiences, the trips are meant to transform American community leaders into Gulen sympathizers, according to Joshua Hendrick, …"

"… modern science. “We wanted to act as a kind of a bridge” between Americans and Turks, said Atilla Kahveci, vice president of the California-based P …"

"… Policy, a think tank. “They’re doing this to advance their cause.” American sympathizers have stuck up for Gulen and his followers. Since 2011, state …"

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"… Two conservative nonprofit groups in particular, the Club for Growth and America Next, are pushing back hard, producing broadcast television ads supporting …"

"… dvocate for charter schools and school vouchers. Both Club for Growth and America Next are nonprofit groups organized under Section 501(c)(4) of the federal …"

"… aying for the pro-DeVos ads. The lion’s share of those TV ads came from America Next, which aired nearly 300 spots nationally through Feb. 5, according to …"

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"… ; …"

"… elbacher: A strong economy and a strong military and more security for the American people. One of the big promises that Trump has made is “draining the s …"

"… for a regular guy who probably has a better pulse of what’s going on in America to run and actually represent his fellow Americans. When you have very ric …"

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"… vice colleges, however, the officers instead participate in field trips to American cities, courthouses and nonprofit organizations meant only generally to e …"

"… onprofit organizations meant only generally to expose the IMET students to American values, according to the State Department’s annual “Foreign Military …"

"… t he learned in the United States while training there, Sanogo replied: “America is great country with a fantastic army. I tried to put all the things I le …"

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"… h dollars. “There shouldn’t be much debate about it — cities across America provided protection at a cost and should be reimbursed for it,” said May …"

"… them $81,837 for security and traffic control services during his “Make America Great Again Rally” on March 19 at the Tucson Convention Center. Spokane …"

"… -related questions should be referred to U.S. Secret Service. [Hillary for America] did not control and therefore did not request any additional se …"

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"… amount that oil giant Chevron, the 14th-largest publicly traded company in America, donated during the 2015-2016 election cycle to two super PACs focused on …"

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"… stments reflect lessons sometimes painfully learned. Just a few years ago, America’s technology companies held a bemused disdain for Washington, which they …"

"… cy. Because Google’s business operations touch on almost every aspect of American lives, it lobbies on an array of issues, from patent and copyright law to …"

"… Heritage Foundation), are involved in advocacy (the Consumer Federation of America) and are powerful lobbyists in their own right (the AARP). Google didn’ …"

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"… well,” he said with a shrug. “Everybody was happy.” But millions of Americans who are married or otherwise related to other undocumented people are no …"

"… bsp;scared out of their wits,” said Kim Anderson, a Minnesotan who leads American Families United. The group represents U.S. citizens with undocumented spo …"

"… in an Arizona speech by referring to “the great contributions of Mexican-American citizens to our two countries … and the close friendship between our tw …"

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"… filed with the Federal Election Commission. In all, 18 ultra-wealthy Americans — the majority are billionaires whose fortunes are greatly affected by …"

"… PAC he helped establish with his daughter, Rebekah Mercer, called “Make America Number 1.” The father-daughter duo helped convince Trump to overhaul hi …"

"… stor Peter Thiel, who gave $1 million to the Mercer-led, pro-Trump “Make America Number 1” super PAC during the presidential campaign’s final days, new …"

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"… C was supporting Ted Cruz. It was rebranded as an anti-Clinton PAC “Make America Number 1” around the same time Conway left to join the Trump campaign. …"

"… er 1” around the same time Conway left to join the Trump campaign. Make America Number 1 is largely a product of Robert Mercer, a hedge fund executive, an …"

"… ttee leader Barrack is the wealthy real estate investor behind Rebuilding America Now, a super PAC that launched some of the election’s most blistering TV …"

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"… y nearly a third – compared to 2005 levels – by 2030. The plan is America’s primary vehicle for meeting a commitment to slash emissions under the …"

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"… han $21 million to For Our Future, another super PAC focused on convincing Americans to vote for Clinton and other Democrats. The AFL-CIO stressed that Clin …"

"… votes for Trump. Trump “used our rhetoric on trade and keeping jobs in America,” the AFL-CIO said, adding, “he forged a personal connection with work …"

"… amated Transit Union. “Based on what he was saying he is going to do for America, to do for working people.” John Costa, an international vice president …"

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"… ese systems haven’t worked well in tests to date. And he’ll accelerate America’s production of nuclear warheads, as well as the bombers, submarines, an …"

"… orced to do so. Trump has also said he wants to renegotiate the 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement, which paved the way for smoother trade with Mexico …"

"… ment, which paved the way for smoother trade with Mexico and Canada. Will America be less safe in a Trump presidency? The Obama administration’s nuclear a …"

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"… cratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton are paid for by “Hillary for America,” while others are sponsored by the “Hillary Victory Fund.” How pow …"

"… tory Fund are almost indistinguishable from those sponsored by Hillary for America, the official name of Clinton’s presidential campaign committee, which i …"

"… pt no more than $2,700 per donor. The ads have featured testimonials from Americans across the country as well as updates from campaign staffers and excerpt …"