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"… otive is to prevent that country from acquiring the capability to threaten America with a nuclear strike at some point in the future. Kehler even noted in hi …"

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"… 9. Duke said conditions caused by a devastating hurricane that hit Central America in late 1998 no longer justify TPS, which protects immigrants from deporta …"

"… d Homeland Security’s actions “astounding cruelty” and “a stain on American history” that will “forcibly tear” people from their U.S.-born chil …"

"… of the Salvadorans who were in the United States in 2001 had fled Central America to escape poverty and the violence of a brutal Cold War-era armed conflict …"

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"… documented alarming safety problems at sites involved in the production of America’s nuclear arsenal, including the mishandling of plutonium; the mis-shipm …"

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"… h-profile Washington-based group made up of “chief executive officers of America’s leading companies” — and at least in that capacity is likely …"

"… ervices), Dow Chemical Co. ($1 million), Pfizer Inc. ($1 million), Bank of America Corp. ($1 million), Qualcomm Inc. ($1 million) and Boeing Co. ($1 million) …"

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"… ach of its data systems that compromised the security of about 143 million Americans’ personal information. When asked about Tyson Food’s score of three …"

"… policy for the thousands of different entities that comprise ‘corporate America.’” Wachob said his organization hopes the study’s “defects” hav …"

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"… states. In short, the Magic Valley’s dairy boom is a contemporary rural American success story — the kind that President Donald Trump railed as a candid …"

"… push away the mostly Hispanic immigrants who do the gritty work here that Americans aren’t interested in doing at dairies. Many of these workers are proba …"

"… cal claim that undocumented workers “compete directly against vulnerable American workers.” And the farmers’ view is pitting them against a vocal cont …"

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"… il now a linchpin in the complex of privately-run facilities that sustains America’s nuclear arsenal: In 2012, Los Alamos sent unlabeled plutonium to a …"

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"… dent Barack Obama’s first two years in office to significantly alter the American campaign finance structure through legislation, they didn’t. And in a …"

"… in Congress, leaving little time for campaign finance reform. Plus, some Americans’ anger toward and resentment of special interests hadn’t reached the …"

"… , ever since. In touting the By the People Project in July, Sarbanes said Americans harbor deep-seated anger and frustration because they feel their voices …"

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"… e on bottled water than other minorities and whites, according to the 2015 American Housing Survey, and they spend nearly $2.17 more on commercial bottled wa …"

"… en before, and it's really unfortunate … I don't think that this is what America used to represent.” Taking action In California’s eastern Coachella V …"

"… wage and no drinking water. “And that’s when I said, ‘Where’s the American dream?’ ” Figueroa said in Spanish. “I didn’t think that here, in …"

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"… cialists of discrimination. The workers, mostly immigrants from Latin America, claimed company supervisors harassed them with racial slurs and demeaning …"

"… hey said this blacklisting rule was one of the greatest threats to growing American business and hiring more American workers,” Trump said as he signed the …"

"… s one of the greatest threats to growing American business and hiring more American workers,” Trump said as he signed the legislation. Now, as was the cas …"

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"… “Don’t nobody drink that mess,” Hayes said. Like many poor African-American communities, Campti’s poverty is a significant impediment to making cru …"

"… ing to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than half of the predominantly African-American population lives in poverty. Campti’s median household income is only $ …"

"… om the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency found that tens of millions of Americans are drinking contaminated water – particularly in small, low-income an …"

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"… ens of others —  provide millions of jobs, products and services to Americans, these industries are also among the country’s worst water polluters, …"

"… onsibility for the base and is providing residents in the majority African-American town with an alternative water supply due to the health risks associated …"

"… of color are easier to target. Because of housing discrimination, African-Americans and Latinos are not able to move as freely. They may not be able to get …"

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"… John Rumpler, senior attorney at Boston-based advocacy group Environment America, said Flint may have brought attention to the lead issue, but it didn’t …"

"… pplies beyond the EPA’s safe limit, according to a report by Environment America.  District officials said they’re trying to replace  them. Th …"

"… the harm persists in his or her body, according to a report by Environment America. “You can have a kid that looks great and still has lead in their body, …"

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"… nd water treatment industry consider the coming years a crucial period for American drinking water safety as pipes and treatment plants built in the mid-20th …"

"… t the EPA’s Science Advisory Board. As water systems age, 63 percent of Americans are now concerned a “great deal” about drinking water pollution, acc …"

"… 01. Drinking water pollution has long been a top environmental concern for Americans — above air pollution and climate change, according to the same poll. …"

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"… red on national political parties —  a “victory for the people of America and democracy.” McCain was ecstatic: Legislation he championed to reduc …"

"… t of McCutcheon v. FEC, the 2014 Supreme Court ruling that allowed wealthy Americans to contribute money to as many different federal candidates and politica …"

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"… illion to support Republican candidates, and they funded a super PAC, Make America Number 1, that backed Trump’s general election bid. Zero-to-60 on the T …"

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"… peline industry’s trade group, the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America, said the agency’s low denial rate merely reflects the quality of the pr …"

"… t it says is one of the largest boosts in natural-gas pipeline capacity in American history. It issued certificates in 2015 for projects that collectively ca …"

"… ustainable Energy.” Proponents of the pipeline buildout argue that more American gas brings jobs to places sorely in need of them by fueling energy-hungry …"

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"… ok, “Capitol Punishment: The Hard Truth About Washington Corruption From America’s Most Notorious Lobbyist,” and proposing a slate of lobbying and camp …"

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"… on some people. This county, Jefferson, received an “F” grade from the American Lung Association for its ozone levels. “That is probably my main trigge …"

"… Obama administration carbon-cutting initiative. On June 1, Trump announced America’s withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement. Trump’s promises to de …"

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"… ow we're going to do that, actually.” …"

"… wn accustomed to foreign sources of materials — from Asia, Europe, Latin America — to make flooring and all kinds of other goods.    “I …"

"… trade-war drum even harder, starting the process to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement, NAFTA, with Mexico and Canada, and slapping countri …"

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"… dernization plan,” said Hans Kristensen, an analyst at the Federation of American Scientists who closely follows nuclear weapons programs. “It’s not cl …"

"… a little silly.” The NNSA has long understated the costs of modernizing America’s nuclear arsenal, according to a report last month by the Government Ac …"

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"… overall cleanup from 2024 to 2042. (Hanford remains the most toxic site in America and the government’s most costly environmental cleanup task.) “The De …"

"… the complex’s massive factory for making plutonium, a key sparkplug for America’s nuclear weapons. Managers at the plant initially sought to use it as a …"

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"… ical prospects. That Election 2020 has already begun is too much for most Americans. Nearly two-thirds of potential voters say the length of presidential c …"

"… d-a-half months. Driving Election 2020’s ultra-early spending are Great America PAC and Committee to Defend the President, a pair of “hybrid” super PA …"

"… Beach, a longtime Republican political operative and co-chairman of Great America PAC. “In fact, Trump’s supporters — our community — is increasingl …"

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"… il fuel polluters. The heart of the winning entry was a project titled “America’s Super Polluters.” NPF judges said of the project, which is part of t …"

"… ic dust bowls.” The winning entry, “Carbon Wars,” included stories "America’s Super Polluters,” "Get someone up here. We’re all dying" and "Stat …"

"… to those who live in these at-risk communities." The Center partnered on America’s Super Polluters with Gannett and Weather.com, the latter of which prod …"

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"… s is not new to election officials. This conversation was news to a lot of Americans. Quite frankly, I think election officials did a great job embracing the …"

"… e voters. It is my opinion, in the vast majority of jurisdictions today in America, it is easier to vote today than it has ever been. We have more days of ea …"

"… s as important, if not more important as it’s ever been. [Since the Help America Vote Act of 2002], elections have become more and more technological, have …"

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"… ling Medical Associates, Cornell University and Corrections Corporation of America Of all agencies, the U.S. Department of Defense employed the most wage vi …"

"… to D.C. in 2016. Federal contractors account for almost a quarter of the American workforce and took in more than $470 billion in taxpayer funds in 2016, a …"

"… ween $16.24 and $18.74 an hour, according to the Communications Workers of America, which filed a complaint with the Labor Department in December seeking bac …"

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"… lso getting $3 million apiece, and the Investigative Reporting Workshop at American University, which is receiving $500,000. The Democracy Fund is a biparti …"

"… ical system can withstand new challenges and deliver on its promise to the American people.”  First Look Media, also launched by Omidyar, is a media&n …"

"… nd depth of a remarkable set of nonprofit newsrooms at a pivotal moment in American history.”   The grant announcement continues a run of significant …"

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"… ed a $54 billion boost to federal spending for the military, a majority of Americans prefer a cut of $41 billion. While Trump has proposed a $2.8 billion inc …"

"… has proposed a $2.8 billion increase for homeland security, a majority of Americans favor a $2 billion cut. Altogether, the survey looked at the 10 top are …"

"… . The new study is consistent with previous poll results, suggesting that Americans’ budget preferences haven’t shifted that much, even after last year …"

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"… usually muscular role shaping U.S. trade policy under President Trump’s "America First" mantra. The company has ties to a major Chinese investment fund, an …"

"… t we can” to trade policy, Ross said. Ross said renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement would be a priority. But among all the investments …"

"… enda. Trump regularly bashes a handful of foreign countries as enemies of America’s financial or national security interests. In a 2015 book released dur …"

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"… mpetitions. The Center was a winner in three categories of the Society of American Business Editors and Writers “Best in Business” competition, while ta …"

"… t.” The multimedia project showed that there is still a deep divide in America regarding access to high-speed Internet connections. Judges commented tha …"

"… e.” The business award marked the Panama Papers project’s fifth major American journalism prize. ICIJ was a project of the Center for Public Integrity w …"