Excerpts from this story referencing CDC

"… problem has been swept under the rug,” says Mills, who headed the Maine CDC from 1996 to 2011. In the 2000s, she sat on a government task force charge …"

"… ragency work group on climate adaptation in 2013, which includes the Maine CDC. “To assume … that the governor has issued a blanket ban on doing anyt …"

"… ed in this period, accounting for 77 percent of all vector-borne diseases. CDC officials, not mentioning the words “climate change,” attributed this …"

Excerpts from this story referencing CDC

"… ;but the rest of that sample had already been removed and taken to another CDC lab that wasn’t equipped for experiments on pathogens as easily spread a …"

"… uld transform the anthrax sample into an airborne threat. By the time the CDC realized a live anthrax sample had been moved around its campus, sent to a …"

"… entists, and maybe even aerosolized, a week had passed. At first, just two CDC employees were sent for testing. But officials then discovered workers had …"

Excerpts from this story referencing CDC

"… ven better at sidestepping laws designed to get people to stop smoking,” CDC director Thomas R. Frieden told reporters this year.In a written stat …"