Dying depositions

By Jie Jenny Zou

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"… t, by American companies, which is why he’s suing in the United States. Depositions routinely last 20 or more hours in California asbestos cases, lawyers say …"

"… ed a paper about asbestos Depositions in 2015 called “The Discovery Deposition Conundrum.” Nichols urged shorter, more efficient Depositions, advi …"

Excerpts from this story referencing Deposition

"… Hampshire. A 2015 paper authored by two defense lawyers, “The Discovery Deposition Conundrum,” breaks down which states have limits and which don’t. “A …"

"… ome courts routinely allow Depositions in these cases to exceed 20 hours. Depositions in Illinois are formally capped at three hours, though informally questio …"