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"… confirm some of his darkest fears. Two years earlier Andropov had ordered KGB officers around the globe to gather evidence for what he was nearly certai …"

"… emed particularly threatening. But for two years prior to Able Archer 83, KGB agents had been scouring the world for evidence of what the Soviet leaders …"

"… intelligence-gathering effort, called “Operation RYAN,” pressured the KGB to find proof that the U.S. was planning a “decapitating” strike again …"

Excerpts from this story referencing KGB

"… he Communist Party and observing that one bank executive reminded him of a KGB official.Feagans, the bank risk technology executive, testified that the b …"

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"… the cargo was to be diverted in Latvia to a paper company run by a former KGB officer from Kazakhstan and then smuggled into the U.K. The ship, accordin …"

The merchant of death

By André Verlöy

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"… ensconced in downtown Moscow," one source said. "He was so tight with the KGB in the early 1990s that they even tried to get him into the building next …"

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"… n credits to a Russian oil company whose roots are imbedded in a legacy of KGB and Communist Party corruption, as well as drug trafficking and organized …"

"… former senior American intelligence officer two years earlier by a former KGB major who had been part of the Soviet spy agencys ideological counterintel …"

"… o be further identified, wrote a contemporaneous report of what the former KGB major, at the time working for two banks formed by the KGB, told him in 19 …"

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"… all over America, with the key players sometimes coming out of the former KGB, sometimes from Russia’s hard-core Mafiya, sometimes from the corrupt bu …"

"… exporting goods and investing in two banks, all the while employing former KGB officers and teaming up with unsavory characters.Within a few short years, …"

"… lliances of thugs, corrupt bureaucrats, powerful industrialists and former KGB officers. Chernomyrdin himself has been linked by the CIA to unsavory Russ …"