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"… ,   HB 1132 and HB 1134, are sponsored by Republican Dave LaRock from Loudoun County.    LaRock’s HB 1132 would strike language from state code th …"

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"… do not want to take that big of a loss.” …"

"… ered.The impact of the foreclosure on the county, if any, remains unclear. Loudoun County Assessor Todd Kaufman said he could not respond to questions about the for …"

"… four separate communities. Last year, the Board of Supervisors blocked the Loudoun County Schools’ proposed $20 million purchase of 100 acres of Greenvest land. G …"

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"… fighters were injured, one with severe burns, in this May 25, 2008 fire in Loudoun County, Virginia. Local officials say a sprinkler system would have prevented inj …"

"… eau. We’re looking at what we can do to get that number even lower.”In Loudoun County, Virginia, Fire Marshal Keith Bower cited a fire on May 25, 2008, in which …"

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"… nd-tumble struggle that ended with him in possession of Wheatland Farms in Loudoun County, Virginia.Consider this: As Cangiano prepared to go to settlement on the p …"

"… -acre site. He paid all cash; no mortgage, no loans. Several clerks in the Loudoun County courthouse refer to the Wheatland litigation as the largest civil file the …"

"… ish and over-trusting of these sellers.”There’s a school of thought in Loudoun County that Cangiano is a front man, a stalking horse for Toll Brothers, and that …"

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"… ers, preservationists, and politicians wrestle over the future of historic Loudoun County, Virginia.Set in a rural farming district of western Loudoun, the Wheatlan …"

"… plant. Cangiano negotiated a contract to sell a portion of the land to the Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) for what strikes many as an extraordinarily high pri …"

"… e, even measured against the hothouse atmospherics that have characterized Loudoun County land development. But Wheatland Farms is a signature property, there’s n …"

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"… l areas.So problem-prone are the alternative systems that in November, the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors imposed a five-year ban on approving new ones — exc …"

"… ers, the Virginia General Assembly has crafted legislation overturning the Loudoun County moratorium, which is expected to win easy approval and hit the governor’ …"

"… is month or early in March.“It’s the soft underbelly of development in Loudoun County,” said Dale Schulz, owner of Schulz Homes in rural Middleburg. “The ar …"

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"… aiming the land was worth only about $35,000 per acre for tax purposes.The Loudoun County, Virginia, Board of Supervisors voted 5-4 on October 21 to reject plans th …"

"… there. The Center for Public Integrity has been reporting on activities in Loudoun County as part of its National Land Use Accountability Project, which is examinin …"

"… ading to the current appeal before the Board of Equalization.But others in Loudoun County have a more cynical view of what’s taking place.“They’re trying to s …"

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"… and Thomas Jefferson’s home at Monticello, U.S. Route 15 passes through Loudoun County, an area that may be less known, but is no less steeped in American histor …"

"… inner suburbs. And like many other historical areas across the country, in Loudoun County preservationists and developers are struggling to determine the future of …"

"… ned “horse country” throughout his presidency.In the last two decades, Loudoun County has faced extreme growing pains as developers profited from the strong dem …"

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"… an area that needs significant scrutiny.” …"

"… rs still possess antebellum estates. About 30 miles from Washington, D.C., Loudoun County was just far enough from the Union lines to feel a part of Jefferson Davis …"

"… ere had been a conflict of interest.The political maneuvering occurring in Loudoun County over the past decade cries out for attention, say watchdog groups that mon …"

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"… ing traffic, new schools, and big box stores, brought about by development.Loudoun County, Virginia, is a case in point. An hour’s drive from Capitol Hill — whe …"

"… mmunities in the Mid-Atlantic region facing clearly visible growing pains: Loudoun County, the Eastern Shore of Maryland, and the exurban area outside Philadelphia, …"