Excerpts from this story referencing Matt Gumbel

"… arrived by bicycle and went upstairs to an old control room. There she saw Matt Gumbel, a 34-year-old operator with whom she had worked. His eyelids had been bur …"

"… till too upset, Powell explained. The explosion and its aftermath afflict Matt Gumbel’s family as well. His father, Paul, was working at the refinery that nig …"

Excerpts from this story referencing Matt Gumbel

"… ning last April at the Tesoro Corp.’s refinery in Anacortes, Washington, Matt Gumbel and six co-workers cautiously returned to service a stack of giant, radiat …"

"… Tesoro refinery in October 2008 — 18 months before the fire that killed Matt Gumbel and his co-workers — Silverstein’s agency reduced an already-modest $8 …"

"… nacortes, known as Unit E, was put into service in 1972, four years before Matt Gumbel was born. According to the Washington Department of Labor & Industries …"