Excerpts from this story referencing Represent.Us

"… nonpartisan group focused on political transparency out of Massachusetts, Represent.Us, which steered Measure 22 onto the ballot. Its top funders are mostly weal …"

"… ve to pay professionals to gather enough signatures to make the ballot, as Represent.Us did here. The fewer signatures required, the smaller the tab. South Dakota …"

"… overall for a lack of transparency. Some of the provisions come from Represent.Us’ model anti-corruption act. Represent.Us is also sponsoring similar ant …"

Excerpts from this story referencing Represent.Us

"… d Don Frankenfeld, a Republican and former state senator, with the help of Represent.Us, a national advocacy group focused on fighting corruption in state and loc …"

"… get on the ballot. In an interview, Frankenfeld said the partnership with Represent.Us, which he said has provided much of the funding so far, could serve as a n …"

"… ve reform measure here in South Dakota that would serve as a standard.” Represent.Us, which bills itself as “fiercely nonpartisan” and has a board that dra …"