Excerpts from this story referencing Sioux Falls

"… kotans we like to think of ourselves as really pretty independent,” said Sioux Falls pediatrician Jerry Blake, whose wife is a former legislator. “When there …"

"… h outside money in the ballot measure contests this year bothers them. As Sioux Falls resident Bryan Dahl emerged from the Minnehaha County Auditor’s office&n …"

"… s who might have otherwise voted for the measure. Beth Buehler, a retired Sioux Falls resident, came to cast her absentee ballot last week with a small folded p …"

Excerpts from this story referencing Sioux Falls

"… l year’s worth of benefits to a veteran who is 100 percent disabled. In Sioux Falls, S.D., claims workers processed claims four times faster than both Oakland …"

"… more than 5,000 old claims from Houston and Los Angeles beginning June 11. Sioux Falls received 2,600 claims from St. Louis, Houston and Portland, Ore. Meanwhile …"

"… shipping off 4,500 claims in its inventory to offices in Louisville, Ky., Sioux Falls and others. “We’re looking like we’re making progress … but in wa …"

Excerpts from this story referencing Sioux Falls

"… candidates," Rounds said.According to the most recent report filed in May, Sioux Falls banker Dana Dykhouse donated $10,000 to Rounds' Norbeck PAC, the maximum i …"

"… ess outlawed such practices in 2010.Sanford, whose primary residence is in Sioux Falls, made BusinessWeek's 2008 list of top 50 philanthropists, and he has given …"

"… in a former gold mine to the Sanford Health conglomerate headquartered in Sioux Falls to, most recently, a new events center under construction in Sioux Falls.S …"