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"… thirty years, preceded this week’s cave-in of a tunnel in Hanford, Washington, that holds lethally radioactive debris from the U.S. nuclear weapons prog …"

"… here. The neglect followed a blunt warning 26 years ago from the State of Washington — cited in a 1991 Energy Department contractor’s report — that the t …"

"… oved elsewhere. Under an agreement overseen by a federal court in eastern Washington, the department was supposed to start crafting a way to deal with the tunn …"

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"… and the National Republican Congressional Committee, both headquartered in Washington, D. C., have funneled millions into Georgia, mostly in the form of televis …"

"… rooting out corruption threatens their stranglehold over purse strings in Washington.” Therefore, he added, it is “not surprising that they’ve spent mill …"

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"… 1959 by friends and admirers of the late Thomas L. Stokes, the syndicated Washington columnist on national affairs. It is given annually for the best writing …"

"… Kuckro, a reporter for Energy & Environment Publishing; Ronnie Greene, Washington enterprise editor for Reuters; and Tom Davidson, senior director at Gannet …"

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"… e on the Trump administration is being hotly debated on multiple fronts in Washington, and the FBI is looking into whether anyone associated with Trump’s camp …"

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"… Michael Bennet of Colorado, Bob Casey of Pennsylvania and Patty Murray of Washington — expressed support for Senate campaign finance e-filing. “This is a …"

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"… reat Again Rally” on March 19 at the Tucson Convention Center. Spokane, Washington, is still waiting for Trump’s campaign to pay a bill of $65,124. And in …"

"… services agreement — aren’t financially responsible, said Eric Wang, a Washington, D.C.-based election lawyer at Wiley Rein LLP and former counsel to curren …"

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"… s like the 2010 refinery explosion that killed seven workers in Anacortes, Washington. That tragedy was the subject of a recent joint investigation into worker …"

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"… ave been trying to clean up the Hanford Nuclear Reservation near Richland, Washington. That’s where raw uranium was enriched into fuel for nuclear bombs durin …"

"… wyers defending the Energy Department in a lawsuit brought by the state of Washington to force an acceleration of the cleanup. If the job is funded at its curre …"

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"… ithin hours. A sixth — Janz — survived 11 days, a seventh 22. The Washington State Department of Labor & Industries investigated and proposed a rec …"

"… y — along with many states that have their own versions of OSHA, such as Washington and California — launched a nationwide refinery inspection blitz that la …"

"… f which involved process safety. A year before the Anacortes accident, the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries cited Tesoro for 17 serious vio …"

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"… . Voters approved raising the minimum wage in Arizona, Colorado, Maine and Washington while rejecting a proposal to decrease the minimum wage for teenagers in S …"

"… of its kind to be enacted at the state level. A similar measure failed in Washington state. This story was co-published with TIME.  Correction, 1 …"

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"… p. The sole candidate still in the running who has aired anti-Trump ads is Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, a Democrat seeking a second term who has tried to tar his …"

"… , a West Virginia University associate professor of political science. In Washington, it’s a different story. Inslee started running an ad on Monday featurin …"

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"… rom family and Native American tribal sources. Montana, Delaware and Washington ban contributions from the insurance industry, and the prohibitions have l …"

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"… ommunications lawyer Gerard Lederer of Best Best & Krieger LLC in Washington, D.C., in an email. “Broadband is quickly becoming that utility, and if …"

"… s broadband.” ‘We live in an oligarchy’ The Hinebaughs, who live in Washington, Pennsylvania, about 25 miles southwest of Pittsburgh, are one of the many …"

"… the poverty rate exceeds 16 percent, making it one of the poorest areas in Washington County. James Hinebaugh said his income varies year to year, from the lowe …"

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"… he ideological war over money in politics and ethics for lawmakers isn’t Washington, D.C., this year. Instead it’s the windblown plains of this state of ju …"

"… ent.Us is also sponsoring similar anti-corruption measures in the state of Washington, San Francisco and five other localities this year. Dan Krassner, politica …"

"… needs to pass the measure to ward off corruption. “In South Dakota and Washington, both states have bipartisan local coalitions that wanted to work on anti- …"

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"… ficial auditors, was “the ultimate point of failure for our efforts.” Washington has paid a steep price for its mistakes — it has invested more than $800 …"

"… 40 percent of the population subsists on less than $1.35 a day. In fact, Washington has so little to show for its efforts that a group of ten former U.S. amba …"

"… deployment stints and high turnover in civilian oversight roles, no one in Washington or in Afghanistan took effective responsibility for fixing these problems. …"

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"… ntum the movement has picked up in only a few years. In 2012, Colorado and Washington became the first states to pass ballot measures making the sale and use of …"

"… just $42,000 of the $3.3 million total raised by supporters. Likewise in Washington that year, the list of donors who raised $6.2 million was dominated b …"

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"… hese problems, the struggling government was able to spend $2.1 million on Washington, D.C., lobbying and public relations firms from 2014 through the end of 20 …"

"… ips with U.S. power brokers are just the latest distasteful symptom of how Washington really functions. As the Center for Public Integrity has previously report …"

"… ies with the worst human rights records have increasingly sought help from Washington lobbyists and PR professionals. In fact, South Sudan was a relatively smal …"

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"… g them are six Americans who were accused in a lawsuit in federal court in Washington state of using an offshore company set up through Mossack Fonseca, Dressel …"

"… a company involved in oil and gas investments. In 1995, a federal judge in Washington, D.C., issued a permanent injunction forbidding Gotshalk from violating th …"

"… d the Pacific Northwest. A lawsuit filed in 2009 in U.S. District Court in Washington state claimed that Dressel Investments Ltd., a company incorporated in the …"

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"… n nuclear security programs, according to the Nuclear Threat Initiative, a Washington nonprofit group that advocates tighter control of nuclear explosive materi …"

"… bsp;a sore point in that country’s nuclear-related discussions with Washington for at least the past decade. South Korea has expressed a similar interes …"

"… p;in the wake of massive cost overruns and persistent mismanagement. Washington still talks a good game. But in the course of our research, we discovered …"

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"… or Democratic lawmakers called for a federal investigation of the company. …"

"… tactics and charging high interest rates. Some 450,000 people across Washington state live in mobile homes, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. A bill b …"

"… interview. Unlike mobile-home purchasers, buyers of conventional homes in Washington enjoy extended timelines to resolve financing problems and foreclosure med …"

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"… other states may face longer odds. Lawmakers in Minnesota and Colorado and Washington’s attorney general have all cited their states’ grades in proposing &n …"

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"… ay games with it," Eagle Forum founder Phyllis Schlafly told The Washington Post at the time. Almost two decades after states began withdrawing …"

"… n on opposite sides of the political spectrum preached about corruption in Washington and why a convention was a citizen’s last resort to combat it. “Polit …"

"… udiciary Committee. “Let’s get Article V passed, get the power out of Washington back to the local government where the founders intended it to be,”  …"

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"… lican-linked politicos launched the Center for Conservative Initiatives in Washington, D.C., to counter the liberal ballot measures they anticipate will arrive …"

"… ion through ballot measures in Nebraska, South Dakota, Illinois, Arkansas, Washington, Oregon, Alaska and the District of Columbia. In 2015, they followed …"

"… enter, which helps coordinate liberal ballot efforts. Her group, based in Washington, D.C., plans to use 2016 to push back on conservative state legislatures b …"

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"… tions to terrorists. Although experts say they regard the issue as urgent, Washington is not pressing India for quick reforms. The Obama administration is inste …"

"… be named, due to the diplomatic sensitivity of the issue. Cautioning that Washington probably does not know everything that India has done to protect its facil …"

"… approved by embassy Chargé d’Affaires Stephen White, told officials in Washington. Identification checks at the front gate were “quick but not thorough, …"

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"… s donors’ names and the details of its spending thanks to an affiliated, Washington-based nonprofit, Turnaround Illinois Inc. State records show that Turnaro …"

"… hit the airwaves, according to media tracker Kantar Media/CMAG. What the Washington-based nonprofit does with that money, as well as the details of any other …"

"… 2016. However, Federal Communications Commission records indicate that the Washington-based arm paid for at least some, if not all, of the ads that ran in June. …"

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"… article has been updated. Immediately after a federal grand jury indicted Washington State Auditor Troy Kelley in April 2015 for tax evasion, perjury and other …"

"… 12 race for the auditor post – but also the fact that his case tarnished Washington’s “well-deserved reputation for clean government.” If such reputati …"

"… public officials being found guilty of corruption in federal courts, then Washington could well claim to be one of the nation’s cleanest states. A 2012 repor …"

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"… group released last year found that people who live near drilling sites in Washington County, Pa., in the Marcellus Shale, reported symptoms such as nausea, abd …"

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"… to ban chemicals it deems harmful to consumers. Some 3,000 miles away, in Washington State, environmental reformers weren’t as successful: A bill to ban six …"

"… ate houses is direct fallout from the muddled environmental politicking of Washington, D.C. In 1976, Congress passed the Toxic Substances Control Act, a federa …"

"… eking to remove them from shelves. While the political smoke continues in Washington, the chemical reform fire is playing out in statehouses from Montpelier to …"