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"… tern. The DEA set up agents or operatives and put them in contact with the arms dealer. Over a period of time, the dealer worked out a trade with the agents, oft …"

"… rations:Before 2008, the most high-profile target was Monzer al-Kassar, an arms dealer with a long history of supporting terrorists. The sting that nabbed him us …"

"… are going on in these cases,” he says. “Think about it. If you were an arms dealer, would you want to sell arms to the FARC right now?” …"

Excerpts from this story referencing arms dealer

"… rrest for drug possession, Minin operated with near impunity as an illegal arms dealer and an ally of brutal regimes. He was also a high-ranking member of a Russ …"

"… l coordination among law enforcement and intelligence agencies has allowed arms dealers like Minin to develop complex businesses involving individuals, companies …"

"… Sierra Leone. Through his timber business, Minin had met with Taylor. The arms dealer was even closer to Taylor's son, known as "Chucky" and "Junior," who has b …"

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"… 02, Belgian authorities issued an international arrest warrant for Russian arms dealer Victor Bout on charges of money laundering and conspiracy. Days later, Bou …"

"… Leone and Angola – is merely an extreme form of criminality. Some of the arms dealers and entrepreneurs tracked in the ICIJ investigation crossed regularly bet …"

"… k of intelligence and law enforcement coordination.When Minin, a Ukrainian arms dealer, was arrested with bags of cocaine and diamonds in his pockets and prostit …"