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"… sumers, a group representing the state’s largest power consumers such as chemical and steel plants, argued in a brief to Texas officials that the wind farm …"

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"… them the capability to carry weapons of mass destruction, such as nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons. But RAND’s Cyber and Intelligence Policy Center, …"

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"… lene chloride, responding to petitions in the wake of deaths caused by the chemical. The company’s decision, announced today, will get the products off sto …"

"… his month, the agency said it would push forward with a rule targeting the chemical, a turnaround after officials there came under pressure from members of Co …"

"… . Lowe’s said it also plans to stop selling paint removers with another chemical, N-Methylpyrrolidone, that has been linked to miscarriages and other harms …"

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"… aught with technical and cost risks and its operation could result in more chemical and nuclear waste being left” in South Carolina. He said his group will …"

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"… paint removers containing methylene chloride, can kill on the spot as the chemical’s fumes build up. A 2015 Center for Public Integrity investigation, co-p …"

"… ations. “EPA is working diligently … to ensure the safety of existing chemicals,” the agency said. However, the EPA did not specify whether its rule w …"

"… EPA did not specify whether its rule would include restrictions on another chemical common in paint removers, N-Methylpyrrolidone, known as NMP. The agency’ …"

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"… ental Protection Agency to stop delaying a decision to largely ban a toxic chemical in paint removers — calling the proposal an “urgent matter” after th …"

"… rm that more than 50 people have died since the 1980s while using the chemical methylene chloride, a fact uncovered by the Center for Public Integrity in …"

"… l business owner in Charleston, S.C. “Given the apparent danger of this chemical, we urge the [EPA] Secretary to immediately and fully address the already …"

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"… l Protection Agency proposed to largely ban paint strippers containing the chemical methylene chloride so they would no longer sit on store shelves, widely av …"

"… ree last year. UPDATE: Members of Congress to EPA: Act now on deadly chemical “There literally are bodies stacking up,” said Erik Olson, who direct …"

"… urces Defense Council, an environmental group. If the EPA won’t act on a chemical that’s undisputedly killing people, he said, “what are they going to a …"

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"… nies significantly improved their scores from 2016 to 2017. Among them are chemical company LyondellBasell Industries NV, Host Hotels & Resorts, CenterPoi …"

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"… t rows of dilapidated houses, a dismantled military hospital and dangerous chemicals from pesticides, jet fuels and other hazardous wastes that have poisoned …"

"… active and closed military installations nationwide where the use of toxic chemicals has contaminated or is suspected of contaminating water on bases and near …"

"… r is suspected of contaminating water on bases and nearby communities with chemicals ranging from cleaning solvents and paints to explosives and firefighting …"

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"… h Lenape tribe, poisoning groundwater with arsenic, lead and other harmful chemicals. Today, more than 43 years after the dumping ended, those toxins are sti …"

"… power plants their water contains elevated levels of chromium-6 and other chemicals. While environmentalists, state government and utilities investigate the …"

"… discharged toxins into marshlands polluting waters with benzene and other chemicals, and the Conklin Dumps in New York leaked volatile organic chemicals into …"

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"… ounts of the carcinogen benzene in fracking fluid. No, he said firmly. The chemical was a natural byproduct of the extraction process. “An outstanding job, …"

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"… s so toxic it corrodes bone. It was the first Levine had heard of HF. The chemical is used to make high-octane gasoline at about a third of the 141 oil …"

"… ch changes, “haven't kept up with the continuing challenge of preventing chemical incidents,” said Rick Engler, a member of the U.S. chemical Safety Board …"

"… ity. He called HF “one of the most hazardous and potentially deadly chemicals used in the oil-refining process.” Along with environmentalists and un …"

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"… The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency wants to largely ban the use of a chemical in paint strippers that has killed dozens of people, asphyxiating some and …"

"… from public-health officials to do something about methylene chloride, the chemical in many of the paint removers on home improvement store shelves. Until las …"

"… estigation uncovered more than 50 accidental exposure deaths linked to the chemical since 1980 in the U.S. — a likely undercount, given its ability to bring …"

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"… fety — procedures that can help prevent industrial fires, explosions and chemical leaks. The board, which makes recommendations but has no regulatory author …"

"… ons grew out of a string of catastrophic events in the 1980s, among them a chemical leak at a Union Carbide pesticide plant in Bhopal, India, that killed thou …"

"… ing seven workers and injuring 42. In October 1989, the Phillips Petroleum chemical plant near Houston blew up, killing 23 and injuring 132. By 1990 Congress …"

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"… transmittal letter to President Obama in April 2010. “With nearly 80,000 chemicals on the market in the United States, many of which are used by millions of …"

"… ental Protection Agency had required testing of less than 1 percent of the chemicals in commerce and had banned or restricted only five. The law takes an inno …"

"… her things, the measure would force the EPA to pick up its laggard pace of chemical reviews, assigning the highest priority to the substances that pose the gr …"

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"… hot-water heater in the garage. Finally, a seizure landed the 55-year-old chemical worker in the hospital. His doctor at first thought Malone might have suf …"

"… s at the sprawling Union Carbide plant south of Houston, Malone feared the chemicals he breathed might one day make him sick, his sons recall. So he reported …"

"… s and even Walter Cronkite. The leading suspect was vinyl chloride, a chemical used to make polyvinyl chloride plastic. PVC is found in an endless array …"

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"… ence. With scarce resources, there’s little money for academics to study chemicals that most already deem to be toxic. Yet regulatory officials and attorney …"

"… stos, lead and arsenic. Gradient’s scientists rarely acknowledge that a chemical poses a serious public health risk. The Center for Public Integrity analyz …"

"… ends hearings when the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is reviewing a chemical to determine its toxicity. The firm is one of several that the chemical in …"

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"… he brothers, who earned their billions leading private oil, chemical and manufacturing conglomerate Koch Industries Inc., were dominant fo …"

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"… e approach — involving “downblending” or mixing the plutonium with a chemical called an “inhibitor” to make it harder to use in a nuclear weapon and …"

"… to accomplish using existing technology. The report does not describe the chemical inhibitor involved. But the Energy Department has developed a classified s …"

"… er, that binds so tightly with plutonium it can’t be extracted without a chemical separation plant. Energy engineers have already used “stardust” to di …"

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"… just passed a bill potentially empowering the Green Mountain State to ban chemicals it deems harmful to consumers. Some 3,000 miles away, in Washington State …"

"… egon, environmental advocates are filing bills to identify and ban noxious chemicals and industry groups are fighting back with pointed rebukes and high-pitch …"

"… l Act, a federal framework intended to safeguard the public from dangerous chemicals. Yet in the nearly four decades since, TSCA, as it is known, has done lit …"

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"… t the Syrian regime was responsible in late August for the world’s worst chemical weapons attack in 25 years. But officials in Washington and allied capita …"

"… use they are presently asking Russia for a big favor — to destroy Syrian chemicals on its own soil. Speaking in New York after the report was presented to …"

"… ation of last week’s agreement in Geneva to strip Bashar al-Assad of the chemical weapons he has guarded so zealously. The reason — spoken in private by U …"

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"… he nation's biggest paint producer, and DuPont, one of the world's largest chemical companies, which in 2012 reported $9.5 billion and $34.8 billion in s …"

"… e underwent chelation therapy, a medical procedure that involves injecting chemicals that bind with lead, helping patients excrete the metal. In 1987, Santia …"

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"… , part of the National Institutes of Health. Mice and rats were dosed with chemicals, and Huff and his colleagues publicized the results when tumors sprouted. …"

"… ort on Carcinogens. Two lobby groups sued the agency after two widely used chemicals were listed in the report. In a victory for industry, lawmakers mandated …"

"… lved into an open airing of industry grievances. All this comes while the chemical industry is building muscle: In the midst of a prodigious expansion due to …"

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"… nking chromium causes cancer — but it faces powerful opposition from the chemical industry in making its ruling official. At stake is whether regulators wil …"

"… to the American Council on Science and Health, which gets funding from the chemical industry, Morgan is featured on the group’s website, Riskometer.org. He …"

"… ’s website, Riskometer.org. He claims that exposure to a number of toxic chemicals, including known carcinogens such as dioxins and hexavalent chromium, has …"

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"… de the authority that Congress gave EPA.” …"

"… day marked a dubious milestone. It has been three years since the “chemicals of concern” list landed at the White House Office of Management and Bud …"

"… ection Agency wants to put out for public comment, includes bisphenol A, a chemical used in polycarbonate plastic water bottles and other products; eight phth …"

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"…  Sites across a host of industries housing large amounts of dangerous chemicals could claim they sell primarily to end users and avoid stricter regulatio …"

"… accidents. West chemical and Fertilizer had enough anhydrous ammonia — a chemical that attacks the eyes, skin and respiratory system — to require it to fo …"

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"… however, has lobbied against legislation that would require high-risk chemical facilities – including some of its members – to consider using safer s …"

"… nt plant with ultraviolet light). CFATS sets broad security standards for chemical facilities and requires them to prepare “vulnerability assessments,” w …"

"… al Protection Agency already has the power to do so. The EPA should steer chemical companies “toward disaster prevention rather than risk management by giv …"

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"… bsp; The story investigated the lack of regulation of the toxic chemical compound chromium (VI) found in the drinking water for Hinkley, …"

"… e problem of chromium (VI) in Hinkley and elsewhere in the country because chemical industry scientists have cast doubt on whether or not the chemical is …"

"… because chemical industry scientists have cast doubt on whether or not the chemical is toxic. The Center's David Heath and Ronnie Greene partnered with …"

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"… in the outcome. They’ve hired scientists to convince regulators that the chemical compound is safe. The lawsuit that Brockovich championed was merely the be …"

"… e and announced it was going to wait for new studies being paid for by the chemical industry. To lead those studies, the American Chemistry Council, the indu …"

"… ved to be getting cancer from exposure, industry scientists argue that the chemical in question is dangerous only at extremely high doses. Finally, they argue …"