Excerpts from this story referencing chronic pain

"… illions in sales despite research showing they are largely ineffective for chronic pain. “It looks pretty damning when these groups were pushing the message ab …"

"… positions. That included issuing medical guidelines promoting opioids for chronic pain, lobbying to defeat or include exceptions to state limits on opioid prescr …"

Excerpts from this story referencing chronic pain

"… n 100 million Americans — roughly 40 percent of adults — suffered from chronic pain, an eye-popping statistic that some researchers call deeply problematic. …"

"… e, experts are reevaluating the effectiveness of opioids for most forms of chronic pain, noting little long-term research. “The biggest myth out there is that …"

"… in’ By spring 2014, the figure that 100 million Americans suffered from chronic pain was getting new attention: as a talking point for the nation’s top drug …"

Excerpts from this story referencing chronic pain

"… id painkillers for acute pain to seven days. The bill exempted people with chronic pain, but opponents still fought back, with lobbyists for the pharmaceutical in …"

"… vince the state medical board that the guidelines would hurt patients with chronic pain. A sizable slice of the drugmakers’ battles are carried out by pharma-f …"

"… ticut and Massachusetts carve out a common exception: They do not apply to chronic pain patients. Drugmaker-funded pain groups, which can mobilize patients to app …"