Washington state

By Phillip Caston

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Operating accounts

By Robert Moore

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"… ant an unreported vehicle to move money," said Richard Robinson, executive director of the Michigan Campaign Finance Network, a watchdog group that has critic …"

"… s in a recent state Supreme Court election.South Carolina Republican Party director Ron Thomas said the public can trust political organizations are not using …"

"… ere are no reporting requirements," said Catherine Turcer, campaign reform director at the nonprofit Ohio Citizen Action public interest group.The publicity c …"

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"… f a formal agreement with the State of Bahrain…”George W. Bush, then a director of Harken, attended the meeting. There is no indication that he did not vo …"

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"… s conference, President George W. Bush told reporters "to look back on the directors' minutes" for details of his knowledge of and involvement in the financia …"

"… s and Exchange Commission investigation in the early 1990s.Bush, who was a director of Harken during the period in question and was himself investigated for i …"

"… conference, the White House told reporters that it did not have the Harken directors’ minutes, and would not ask Harken Energy to release them to the public …"

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"… LetterFrom Mikel D. Faulkner, President of Harken Energy, to the board of directors. The letter notes that new conditions on a loan Harken sought “greatly …"

"… d credit situation.”April 12, 1991 Letter From Herbert Janick, assistant director of the SEC Enforcement Division, to George W. Bush. The letter requests, …"

"… ing the purchase, sale or ownership of Harken securities by any officer or director of Harken.”July 17, 1991, SEC MemorandumFrom Herbert Janick and Paul Ger …"

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"… in two reports the Center published concerning George W. Bush's days as a director of Harken Energy. We published the first on October 2, 2000 and the second …"

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"… has “gotten progressively worse” according to Michael Kane, executive director of the National Alliance of HUD Tenants in Boston, with workers losing the …"

"… n Rhode Island laid off all staff and lost its lease as of February 1. The director continues to volunteer out of another office.The New Mexico Public Interes …"

"… i Affordable Housing and Homelessness Alliance were laid off, although the director continues to volunteer.Tenants United for Housing in Chicago laid off two …"

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"… which corporations can give unlimited amounts of money. James A. Thurber, director of the Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies at American Unive …"

"… 01 meeting between Enron executives and Andrew D. Lundquist, the executive director of the task force, the corporation gave $40,000 to the RNC State Elections …"

"… ef executive officer of Halliburton, the oil services giant, and executive director Lundquist, who served as a top aide to Alaskan Sen. Frank Murkowski. Murko …"

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"… ctor Lawrence Lindsey served as a consultant to Enron when he was managing director of Economic Strategies, Inc., a consulting firm. He also served on Enron …"

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"… d I don't think it works in the states that have that," said Alan Plofsky, director of the Connecticut State Ethics Commission.Scope of the surveyThe study, c …"

"… which were answered by various officials, the Center interviewed executive directors of all the independent ethics agencies, who provided insights and reflect …"

"… nch of government, to police its own members," said Frederick M. Herrmann, director of New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission — an executive branch …"

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"… d the two as they drove to Milans Cultural Islamic Institute, whose former director was Anwar Shaaban, an Egyptian who was investigated by Milan prosecutors b …"

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"… ica [against U.S. embassies] killed hundreds,” wrote John Deutch, former director of the CIA, in a 1998 Harvard University study. “A successful attack wit …"

"… aboratory in Russia.According to Dr. D.A. Henderson, an epidemiologist and director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Civilian Biodefense Studies in Baltimore, …"

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"… Human Genome Project at the National Institutes of Health, and in the NIH director’s office on legislative policy and analysis.Research opponents received …"

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"… ans abroad cost the Pentagon $6.2 million and received high marks from its director, although it delivered only 84 votes in the November election and failed t …"

"… ntracts, but the Internet project itself was not competitively bid.Project directors allowed for a maximum of 250 voters to cast ballots, but only 84 particip …"

"… Atlanta and it turned out they had not done that at all," he said.Project directors acknowledged there were no efforts to ensure that the home computers were …"

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"… tenure there. Today, former secretary of state James Baker and former CIA director Frank Carlucci, among others, each have partnerships now reportedly worth …"

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"… reign Affairs subcommittee on Africa in the mid-1980s. He is now executive director of the Africa Policy Information Center, a nonprofit advocacy organization …"

"… he apartheid government.A member of the foundations international board of directors disclosed that at least half of the foundations money came from projects …"

"… iolations in South Africa and the region,” Richard Hengeveld, the former director of the Shipping Research Bureau, wrote in a document submitted to South Af …"

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"… s. And the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission, whose executive director Jeff Saitas is another team member, is “a train wreck” that appointed …"

"… n), and Jim Ford, the American Petroleum Institute’s federal regulations director. Andrew Sharkey III, president and CEO of American Iron and Steel Associat …"

"… n’s Beef Association, which is represented on the panel by its executive director of legislative affairs, Dale Moore, is suing the EPA for trying to tighten …"

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"… many members of his fathers national security team.” The elder Bush was director of the Central Intelligence Agency before serving as vice president, then …"

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"… subject of international tobacco smuggling.Earlier this year, led by ICIJ director Maud Beelman, reporters in four countries (Colombia, England, Australia an …"

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"… W. Bush violated federal securities laws at least four times when he was a director of a Texas oil firm in the late 1980s and early 1990s, according to an int …"

"… ree other transactions involving stock in Harken, on whose board he sat as director.(This report was prepared in collaboration with Talk magazine, whose artic …"

"… nsactions can sometimes alert outside investors that corporate officers or directors are nervous about the companys earnings or growth. They can also alert th …"

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"… will gauge their actions by the Conservative Party. David Keene, executive director of the American Conservative Union, initially declined to participate in t …"

"… . The group has sent out at least two separate letters, from the group’s director and a New York representative.Gary Nolan, director of the organization, wr …"

"… ers, from the group’s director and a New York representative.Gary Nolan, director of the organization, wrote to potential contributors that the first lady i …"

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"… executive vice president, John L. Steffens, chairs the Alliances board of directors and personally contributed $25,000 of his own money to the organization i …"

"… rrently a senior partner at FoxKiser. According to Daniel Perry, executive director of the Alliance, Fox joined the Alliances board after the breakup of Fox, …"

"… since, on research harmful to embryos.On January 15, 1999, Harold Varmus, director of NIH, received an official legal opinion that federal funds could be use …"

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"… oney has helped to elect many statewide officials,” said Craig McDonald, director of Texans for Public Justice, a nonpartisan watchdog group based in Austin …"

"… olitical activities are pursued for good-citizenship reasons. Jeff Judson, director of the Texas Public Policy Foundation, told the Center for Public Integrit …"

"… ater, in 1998, while Bush was governor, he invited Judson, the foundations director, for breakfast at the governors mansion, along with Grover Norquist, direc …"

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"… was in 1986, too, that Harken’s CEO introduced Bush, the company’s new director and consultant—as well as son of then-Vice President George Bush—to a …"

"… e. Securities and Exchange Commission records suggest that Bush, a company director who sat on Harken’s audit committee and was a paid consultant to the fir …"

"… s CEO, Mikel Faulkner. In 1986, Faulkner had introduced Harken’s newest director, Bush, to Halbert. Harken, in a stock swap, had just acquired the ailing S …"

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"… &T goes well beyond his recent initiative: both his former legislative director, John W. Timmons, and Timmons’ wife, Paula a former aide on the Commerce …"

"… include Republican FCC Commissioner Michael Powell, Jim Winston, executive director of the National Association of Black-Owned Broadcasters, and Don Cornwell, …"

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"… angers, Bush borrowed the money from a bank in Midland where he once was a director. He owned 1.8 percent of the Rangers. (He later invested an additional $10 …"

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"… e closed all those accounts. Closed or froze them.”One of Sinex Bank’s directors is Aleksey Volvov, who, together with Berlin, was indicted by a federal g …"

"… was unfamiliar with its day-to-day operations.For a while, Goldstein was a director of both First Russian and Sakaru, but left the boards before the banks col …"

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"… have Cuban officials quote his copy back to him verbatim.Maud S. Beelman, director of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists at The Center …"

"… private, internal network for all its communications.Tim Gallivan, the AP director of news technology and a 19-year veteran in this field, points to the comp …"

"… year, 250,000 hacks were attempted on the Pentagon’s network alone. CIA director George Tenet has urged U.S. industry to “get off its butt.”As for news …"

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"… magazine would neither confirm nor deny receiving subpoenas.Eileen Murphy, director of media relations for ABC News, says the network has received one subpoen …"

"… nas issued by Starr that have not been made public.Sandra Baron, executive director of the Libel Defense Resource Center, says, “My distinct impression is t …"

"… m by companies, among them Revlon (where Clinton friend Vernon Jordan is a director).Starr’s office must have thought Morrow was an easy mark. According to …"