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"… when he joined SAIC. Board member W.A. Downing served as deputy assistant director for international counter-terrorism initiatives on the National Security C …"

"… dmiral who once directed the National Security Agency and served as deputy director of central intelligence. Inman is also a member of the board of directors …"

"… y director of central intelligence. Inman is also a member of the board of directors of Fluor, another contractor in Iraq and Afghanistan.Chemonics Internatio …"

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"… haunt Wasser. Before Resch filed the charges against him, he was the head director of a Milwaukee boarding school. Now he can't step foot on campus."It's a l …"

"… he next day, OLR informed Watson that they would not re-open the case. The director of OLR "did not believe that this office could prove by clear, satisfactor …"

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"… wined and dined like they are at these industry events," said Mark Cooper, director of research at the Consumer Federation of America. "You would have to be s …"

"… gory Cooke traveled to London to attend a conference on European telephone directories. The sponsor, a conference company called Whitaker Associates, paid $90 …"

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"… onal two-dozen have found positions in the private sector as executives or directors. They include Vice President Al Gore, Secretary of State Madeleine Albrig …"

"… ivate sector jobs. While some became corporate executives, consultants and directors, others joined K Street firms that lobby on behalf of businesses and spec …"

"… arlucci, left the Reagan White House in January 1989 and became a managing director at the private global investment firm Carlyle Group later that year. He ha …"

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"… ts of Goldman Sachs on investment opportunities in post-war Iraq, and is a director with stock options of the U.K.-based Autonomy Corp., whose customers inclu …"

"… an of the Joint Chiefs of Staff who served over 38 years in the Navy, is a director or advisor of at least five corporations that received more than $10 billi …"

"… ent Solutions. According to a news report by Bloomberg, Richard Perle is a director of DigitalNet Holdings Inc., which has filed for a $109 million stock sale …"

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"… companies intent on cutting corners to maximize profits," as John Spoehr, director of Adelaide university's Centre for Labour Research, put it.The pong is no …"

"… West put Nick Greiner, the former New South Wales premier, on its board of directors. Greiner had championed the outsourcing of Sydney water treatment plants …"

"… osing bidders questioned the entire bidding process. Pierre Alla, managing director of Suez-controlled South Australian Water Services, told a Parliament comm …"

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"… ervasive official corruption, Keshav Varma, the bank's Asia Pacific region director said: "I wouldn't want to comment on the times." But he added: "You cannot …"

"… re and rarely went there unless for meetings. They [Suez] had the managing director. He was the one who ran the company," Kartiwa told ICIJ, referring to his …"

"… ed that the remaining staff "kept the system going."Rhamses Simanjuntak, a director at Thames in Jakarta, confirmed to ICIJ that all Thames' expatriate direct …"

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"… week that there is no such legislation being planned.Mark Corallo, deputy director of Justice’s Office of Public Affairs, told the Center his office was un …"

"… ver heard of this.”After the Center posted this story, Barbara Comstock, director of public affairs for the Justice Dept., released a statement saying that, …"

The 'aguas' tango

By Daniel Santoro

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"… the candy store. Supporters found high-paid jobs as company executives and directors, while others got rich investing in the new firm. Menem's environment min …"

"… e.World Bank money came flowing back to Argentina. The bank's Buenos Aires director Richard Newfarmer announced Menem's initiatives showed Argentina had compl …"

"… na had complied with the conditions of World Bank loans. Pieter Bottelier, director of Latin America for the World Bank, suggested the World Bank help Argenti …"

Metered to death

By Jacques Pauw

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"… untry's economy.Free water "is not so good an idea," Yves Picaud, managing director of Vivendi Water in South Africa, said in an interview with  …"

"… cy advice in virtually all sectors of the economy," Pamela Cox, World Bank director for South Africa, wrote in the introduction to "South Africa Country Assis …"

"… he state, fiscal restraint and the promotion of privatization.Mike Muller, director-general of the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry, acknowledged the …"

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"… relations.Monod was special counselor to the International Monetary Fund's director, Michel Camdessus, when Monod was Suez's CEO. After Camdessus retired in 2 …"

"… nts in Water," an initiative organized by the water companies. The panel's directors include William Alexander, group chief executive of RWE's Thames Water of …"

"… definitely not on the privatization agenda any more. Yves Picard, managing director of Vivendi in South Africa, said his company is not interested in concessi …"

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"… about former Reagan White House National Security Advisor John Poindexter, director of the controversial new Pentagon research program called “Total Informa …"

Outsourcing Big Brother

By Adam Mayle and Alex Knott

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"… n of the affair. On January 14, 2002, he returned to the government as the director of the Information Awareness Office.TIA draws heavily on the private secto …"

"… via Syntek through 2001 before returning to the Defense Department as the director of the Information Awareness Office (IAO).According to financial disclosur …"

"… alary of DARPA director Tony Tether.One month after he joined the board of directors of Saffron Technology in September 2000, the company announced it had rec …"

The merchant of death

By André Verlöy

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"… iberia, moved into the offices vacated by TAN. Air Cess listed Bout as its director. Later in the 1990s, Bout allegedly transferred the daily operations of Ai …"

"… rds listed Valerii Naido, a Ukrainian pilot and former Bout employee, as a director of Pietersburg Aviation Services and Systems, along with Ward, the company …"

"… thorities in the Central African Republic issued an arrest warrant for the director of civil aviation, the local manager of Centrafrican Airlines, and Bout. A …"

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"… ional media outlets reported on President George W. Bush's activities as a director with Texas oil company Harken Energy in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Th …"

"… s that shed additional light on what transpired at Harken while Bush was a director.Among the new postings:A partnership agreement between Aeneas Venture Corp …"

Washington state

By Phillip Caston

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Operating accounts

By Robert Moore

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"… ant an unreported vehicle to move money," said Richard Robinson, executive director of the Michigan Campaign Finance Network, a watchdog group that has critic …"

"… s in a recent state Supreme Court election.South Carolina Republican Party director Ron Thomas said the public can trust political organizations are not using …"

"… ere are no reporting requirements," said Catherine Turcer, campaign reform director at the nonprofit Ohio Citizen Action public interest group.The publicity c …"

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"… f a formal agreement with the State of Bahrain…”George W. Bush, then a director of Harken, attended the meeting. There is no indication that he did not vo …"

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"… s conference, President George W. Bush told reporters "to look back on the directors' minutes" for details of his knowledge of and involvement in the financia …"

"… s and Exchange Commission investigation in the early 1990s.Bush, who was a director of Harken during the period in question and was himself investigated for i …"

"… conference, the White House told reporters that it did not have the Harken directors’ minutes, and would not ask Harken Energy to release them to the public …"

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"… LetterFrom Mikel D. Faulkner, President of Harken Energy, to the board of directors. The letter notes that new conditions on a loan Harken sought “greatly …"

"… d credit situation.”April 12, 1991 Letter From Herbert Janick, assistant director of the SEC Enforcement Division, to George W. Bush. The letter requests, …"

"… ing the purchase, sale or ownership of Harken securities by any officer or director of Harken.”July 17, 1991, SEC MemorandumFrom Herbert Janick and Paul Ger …"

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"… in two reports the Center published concerning George W. Bush's days as a director of Harken Energy. We published the first on October 2, 2000 and the second …"

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"… has “gotten progressively worse” according to Michael Kane, executive director of the National Alliance of HUD Tenants in Boston, with workers losing the …"

"… n Rhode Island laid off all staff and lost its lease as of February 1. The director continues to volunteer out of another office.The New Mexico Public Interes …"

"… i Affordable Housing and Homelessness Alliance were laid off, although the director continues to volunteer.Tenants United for Housing in Chicago laid off two …"

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"… which corporations can give unlimited amounts of money. James A. Thurber, director of the Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies at American Unive …"

"… 01 meeting between Enron executives and Andrew D. Lundquist, the executive director of the task force, the corporation gave $40,000 to the RNC State Elections …"

"… ef executive officer of Halliburton, the oil services giant, and executive director Lundquist, who served as a top aide to Alaskan Sen. Frank Murkowski. Murko …"

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"… ctor Lawrence Lindsey served as a consultant to Enron when he was managing director of Economic Strategies, Inc., a consulting firm. He also served on Enron …"

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"… d I don't think it works in the states that have that," said Alan Plofsky, director of the Connecticut State Ethics Commission.Scope of the surveyThe study, c …"

"… which were answered by various officials, the Center interviewed executive directors of all the independent ethics agencies, who provided insights and reflect …"

"… nch of government, to police its own members," said Frederick M. Herrmann, director of New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission — an executive branch …"

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"… d the two as they drove to Milans Cultural Islamic Institute, whose former director was Anwar Shaaban, an Egyptian who was investigated by Milan prosecutors b …"

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"… ica [against U.S. embassies] killed hundreds,” wrote John Deutch, former director of the CIA, in a 1998 Harvard University study. “A successful attack wit …"

"… aboratory in Russia.According to Dr. D.A. Henderson, an epidemiologist and director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Civilian Biodefense Studies in Baltimore, …"

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"… Human Genome Project at the National Institutes of Health, and in the NIH director’s office on legislative policy and analysis.Research opponents received …"

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"… ans abroad cost the Pentagon $6.2 million and received high marks from its director, although it delivered only 84 votes in the November election and failed t …"

"… ntracts, but the Internet project itself was not competitively bid.Project directors allowed for a maximum of 250 voters to cast ballots, but only 84 particip …"

"… Atlanta and it turned out they had not done that at all," he said.Project directors acknowledged there were no efforts to ensure that the home computers were …"

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"… tenure there. Today, former secretary of state James Baker and former CIA director Frank Carlucci, among others, each have partnerships now reportedly worth …"