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"… making the final decision in concert with a senior Defense Department official, after reviewing the engineering strengths of both Los Alamos an …"

"… pons Council — a panel of senior Energy and Defense Department officials who help implement nuclear weapons policy — hasn’t accepted it b …"

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"… ton, who visited the White House last week, would also be the latest Trump official with ties to GOP megadonor Robert Mercer, a key supporter of Trump’s pre …"

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"… Election Day 2016, a Trump presidential transition staff member emailed an official at the federal General Services Administration to float the prospect of us …"

"… ed him for profiting from the presidency in unprecedented ways. Trump’s official campaign committee has paid $2.3 million to a Trump business entity for re …"

"… t purpose. The amount didn’t cover all the waived rent, but per the GSA official who asked that it be credited, it would make the agency “a little more w …"

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"… 015, it gave one of the department’s highest awards to the 14 sharp-eyed officials who processed the single-contract paperwork. But four years after the co …"

"… hand?” said Gordon Adams, a former White House national security budget official, about the process. Many workers at the plants have chafed under the new …"

"… ther review. This time, the Babcock & Wilcox team’s savings plan was officially rated as offering “a significant benefit to the government.” But Lem …"

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"… lions in damages after gaining strength in an abnormally warm ocean. Local officials face difficult choices as they try to tackle threats that climate-fueled …"

"… ars the major utilities spend on campaign contributions that flow to state officials, many with a say over appointments to the five-commissioner agency, and t …"

"… n 2004, as FPL again sought to pass on higher fuel costs to customers, its officials said they would diversify their electricity generation to blunt such swin …"

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"… . Upon taking office, Trump signed new ethics rules banning administration officials from ever lobbying on behalf of a foreign government, although those rule …"

"… etween administrations, current and former Department of Homeland Security officials told the Washington Post. Bingel’s current role, first reported by Cybe …"

"… first reported by CyberScoop, is described as unusual by former government officials. “Placing somebody in the role of leading or appearing to lead the con …"

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"… ice overlooking the Smithsonian Castle on the National Mall, multiple U.S. officials said. Klotz contended that recent media stories about safety lapses that …"

"… isclosures were potentially counterproductive to the NNSA’s mission, the officials said. His solution was presented as the Trump administration considers an …"

"… , which would not be divulged to the public, according to multiple federal officials, who asked not to be named due to the sensitivity of the topic under disc …"

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"… e nearby. Those reports have frequently irritated contractors and top NNSA officials. Over the past decade, the board’s warnings in particular helped push …"

"… he labs.” A stream of contractor complaints about the board Laboratory officials have repeatedly chafed at what they termed invasive inspections by the bo …"

"… pt a “questioning attitude” about assurances by Los Alamos contracting officials that the risks of an accidental nuclear chain reaction — caused by …"

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"… ealthy benefactors during their initial days and months as elected federal officials. There’s nothing illegal about such loans, even when the lender is als …"

"… at an individual is limited in how much they can give to a candidate or an official is to limit corruption, and to limit the opportunities for influence and t …"

"… ion, and to limit the opportunities for influence and to make sure that no official is overly indebted to any particular person,” said Brendan Fischer, dire …"

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"… yland records show WMS’s business status as “forfeited,” and company officials could not be reached. ‘You’re artisans’ In April, Trump made an ap …"

"… remain unfilled, has yet to reveal its enforcement strategy, and division officials declined to be interviewed for this article. The Labor Department’s fis …"

"… a defense in worker lawsuits. To Rajesh Nayak, an Obama Labor Department official, the Trump administration’s moves so far are telling. “It starts to pa …"

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"… mmunities of color and low-income communities,” said Ali, the former EPA official. In his post with the EPA, Ali oversaw the office tasked with advocating …"

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"… reason mortgages and creditors are disclosed is to ensure that government officials and those entering government are paying market interest rates for their …"

"… the detailed financial disclosures from more than 400 Trump administration officials. Bannon declined to comment on his filings. White House press officials …"

"… n officials. Bannon declined to comment on his filings. White House press officials declined to discuss the matter on the record. In response to questions fr …"

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"… ed within. Or perhaps you have a tip about how a key Trump administration official’s friends or colleagues stand to benefit from knowing a presidential con …"

"… hief strategist Stephen K. Bannon and Trump himself. (Trump administration officials are listed in alphabetical order.) But you’ll find hundreds of other T …"

"… abetical order.) But you’ll find hundreds of other Trump administration officials who serve in critical capacities with minimal fanfare and news coverage. …"

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"… umbia, stems from the FEC’s refusal to make public emails between agency officials and the Office of Management and Budget during the initial days of Presid …"

"… d a FOIA request seeking any email exchanges between a White House and FEC official. On May 8, the FEC informed Levinthal that it had located responsive docu …"

"… , insists OMB is aware of the Center for Public Integrity’s request. FEC officials provided an email documenting how, on May 4, it referred the Center for P …"

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"… notes kept by the investigators who probed the contracts. The contracting officials became upset about the arrangement, and one of them eventually rebelled b …"

"… eral's report in June 2013 said. But a Sandia laboratory contracting official told investigators in an interview on Jan. 29, 2013, that when Sandia requ …"

"… that Wilson fill out a time record, “Ms. Wilson refused to do it.” An official at Los Alamos similarly told the investigators that “Ms. Wilson was very …"

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"… “win from the ground the greatest amount of oil at the least expense,” officials wrote just after passage of the 1915 law that created the Department of P …"

"… ustry fiefdom, with regulators buying stock in companies they oversaw. One official told a firm how to circumvent a planned moratorium on new oil permits and …"

"… t DOGGR had failed to collect millions of dollars in unpaid fines. Federal officials ordered the state to step up scrutiny of oil projects. Already unhappy wi …"

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"… n huge profits. The strategy relied on discrete meetings between Lockheed officials and powerful members of the fledgling Obama Administration, key members o …"

"… elopment at Sandia Corp., wrote in an email dated March 31, 2009 to senior officials at Sandia, which was obtained by the Center for Public Integrity. “Her …"

"… inistration. While an executive order signed by Trump on Jan. 28 bars top officials from working on particular matters that are directly or substantially rel …"

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"… closures included five foreign generals, an admiral, a senior intelligence official, a foreign police inspector, and other military service members from a tot …"

"… rights lawyers, or government investigators, but continue to work in their official capacity. Among the Pentagon- and military-run schools they attended, fro …"

"… ss accounts of incidents of violence or abuse involving foreign government officials. Several of those on the Center’s list — including Amadou Sanogo, a …"

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"… and the Center for Public Integrity.  Six years ago, federal health officials were confident they could save taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars …"

"… eleased recently in response to a public records request and lawsuit. But officials never recovered most of that money. Under intense pressure from the healt …"

"… e straight and narrow,” Ellis said. Yet outside of public view, federal officials have been losing a high-stakes battle to curb widespread billing errors b …"

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"… ties designated in 1999 as an Iranian government-controlled business. U.S. officials later alleged that the bank had been used to move money to support Iran …"

"… r “overhead expenses.” Richard Nephew, a former U.S. State Department official who spent nearly a decade working on Iran sanctions in the administrations …"

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"… awards below $150,000 – mostly reserved for small firms like Glocoms – officials aren't even required to update or check databases on performance and inte …"

"… ions of consultants; Bank staff provide a checklist “to help procurement officials detect fraudulent qualifications and related types of misconduct,” a se …"

"… raudulent qualifications and related types of misconduct,” a senior Bank official said, but themselves review less than 35 percent of the 20,000 contracts a …"

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"… scribers, a step favored by federal advisory panels. Obama administration officials say they have tried to strike a balance between controlling the harms of …"

"… hysical address or online presence, the Pain Care Forum hosts high-ranking officials from the White House, Food and Drug Administration and other agencies at …"

"… at in 2012. ‘What’s a regulator to do?’ In June 2012, a senior FDA official gave a presentation to the Pain Care Forum titled: “FDA and Opioids: Wha …"

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"… 5,000 people between 2000 and 2015, and is 83 percent white. Every elected official within Shelby County is a Republican. In some races, Democrats don’t run …"

"… Southern states are behind the rest of America in the diversity of elected officials. The Center for American Progress Action Fund also gave previously covere …"

"… te the nearly 1-to-1 black-white ratio today, whites held 11 of 12 elected official positions in Barbour County in 2015, according to data from the Who Leads …"

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"… efore. Their fresh success has set off new alarms among some lawmakers and officials in Washington about risks that terrorists inside the United States could …"

"… reason you can’t forge it again and again.” Texas nuclear regulatory officials have responded by quietly firing two managers and organizing new training …"

"… eps” that were “long overdue.” Then-NRC member Peter Lyons, a former official at the Los Alamos weapons laboratory, similarly argued at the time that ex …"

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"… ney they could ill afford to lose, while dozens lost their homes, Maryland officials charged. The case, filed in 2014, targets the firm and its founder, attor …"

"… ices tanked and millions of people lost their jobs. A year later, federal officials rolled out the Home Affordable Modification Program, or HAMP, hoping to k …"

"… iated with the U.S. government, court cases show. Others mailed homeowners official looking “Loan Modification” notices. “Based on your mortgage lender …"

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"… hat makes them key sentinels when something goes awry, a circumstance that officials say explains why they get legal protections when whistleblowing. That’ …"

"… defend the contractor against employee claims of wrongdoing, or for those officials responsible for deciding about job cuts, the report disclosed. The resul …"

"… said. In a written response attached to the report, DOE’s top oversight official on safety and security matters, Glenn Podonsky, reiterated what he describ …"

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"… this industrial waste. It then sat on its plan for five years. When agency officials finally acted, they chose the minimalist approach, setting baseline natio …"

"… cy has no authority to enforce its own requirements. At the same time, EPA officials determined that so-called beneficial uses, like the recycling that fills …"

"… g coal ash in the late 1990s, whipping up dissent. By 2000, when operators officially applied for a permit, 44 Bokoshe residents had petitioned state regulato …"

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"… cided to treat it as if it didn’t exist,” a senior Japanese government official told the Japan Times eight months later. But the fuel rod pool in questio …"