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"… a return on the high cost of wiring rural neighborhoods, they say. Comcast officials add that they are following a specific franchise agreement the company ne …"

"… specific franchise agreement the company negotiated with Goochland County officials, which requires them to lay cable down streets only where there are 30 ho …"

"… use I can tell you that most people would say that you cannot.” Comcast officials said they do not use Census Bureau income or poverty data to determine wh …"

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"… back nuclear security goals and settled for what a senior White House official once described as “the incremental nature of success," rather than throw …"

"… d. “There wasn’t much interest” in other countries, a former senior official deeply involved in the effort told us, and the political benefits for the …"

"… security precautions at such sites have generally been panned by U.S. officials, who privately rank them below those in Russia or Pakistan, and also say …"

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"… least 31 and injuring hundreds more, had spied on a senior Belgian nuclear official in the Islamic State’s quest to get radioactive materials for a dirty bo …"

"… eported on two men caught on camera secretly recording the Belgian nuclear official. NBC News reported that the two brothers who exploded the bombs — Khali …"

"… doing the taping. Their source was Claude Moniquet, a former intelligence official from France who was hired to investigate terrorist threats to nuclear targ …"

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"… ublicly confirming that terrorism suspects were spying on a senior nuclear official, the Belgian government announced it will take an unprecedented step towar …"

"… er stations. The arrangement has long sowed anxieties in Washington, where officials complained vigorously — but in private — that the absence of armed gu …"

"… e materials vulnerable to theft. After discovering a video of the nuclear official’s comings and goings during a late November raid on a suspected terroris …"

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"… sparkplug of nuclear weapons – so it can make medical isotopes. But U.S. officials decided in 2004 not to send any more until security precautions at t …"

"… t the site were significantly tightened, according to a former senior U.S. official familiar with the dispute. Washington was “concerned about the adequacy …"

"… ountry bars its private security guards from carrying firearms, the former official said. These concerns were stoked in part by the conviction in 2003 of a f …"

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"… Feb. 23. The $240 billion tally was included in prepared testimony by an official of the Government Accountability Office, who estimated that an additional …"

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"… mics to study chemicals that most already deem to be toxic. Yet regulatory officials and attorneys say companies have a strong financial interest in continuin …"

"… a senior fellow at the University of Pennsylvania Law School and a former official at the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, was close frien …"

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"… some Medicare health plans by tens of millions of dollars a year, federal officials dialed back efforts to recover as much of the money as possible, newly re …"

"… ords show. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services records reveal that officials there as early as 2008 identified a group of privately-run Medicare Advan …"

"… ripping off the government, even dubbing them “high-flyers.” But CMS officials chose to do just 30 in-depth financial audits to recover overpayments eac …"

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"… ed,” the witness said. The episode was a fresh example of what officials here and outside India depict as serious shortcomings in the country’s …"

"… ernational Peace Research Institute, an independent think tank, and Indian officials. Within the next two decades, as many as 57 reactors could also be operat …"

"… lear blast. The Kalpakkam shooting as a result alarmed Indian and Western officials who question whether this country — which is surrounded by unstable nei …"

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"… , the head of the corporation that runs the mines and the chief government official in the Indian state where the mines are located to respond to the allegati …"

"… ugesan is a former chief justice of the Delhi High Court, according to his official biography. Prior to the joint publication of the article by the Center and …"

"… ndards. They declined comment on reported deaths and radiation levels. An official of the company said on condition of not being named, however, that it had …"

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"… other, more controversial ambition, according to retired Indian government officials and independent experts in London and Washington, is to give India an ext …"

"… 2, according to a letter marked Secret, from the ministry to atomic energy officials that month. Seen by the Center, this letter spells out the ambition to fe …"

"… tance that leaves room for misunderstanding, a senior Obama administration official said in Washington. But Gary Samore, who served from 2009 to 2013 as the …"

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"… gulators are either asleep at the switch or under the thumb of pro-nuclear officials that he believes cannot be trusted. In Oct. 2011, the country's prime min …"

"… ublic Integrity from the country’s nuclear regulator, retired government officials, government auditors, and industry analysts — were echoed in an unprece …"

"… actor was finished without critical cabling; and allegations arising in an official Russian corruption probe that an unknown number of substandard parts were …"

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"… On August 21, 2014, however, a justice in this state’s court ordered an official inquiry into allegations that the nuclear industry has exposed tens of tho …"

"… nuclear sector in India, the case is a closed affair, and all evidence is officially presented to the judge. But the Center for Public Integrity has rev …"

"… ts, there was no reaction from the mine or the Indian government. A senior official in the U.S. State Department declined to discuss the contents of Jardine …"

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"… ine samples of that highly valuable material. Five current or former U.S. officials who have tracked nuclear smuggling, and who declined to be named because …"

"… l incidents Western concerns are based on a simple trail of evidence that officials have until now kept secret: Three times since 1999, identically packaged …"

"… materials anywhere in the world, according to more than a dozen government officials and independent experts interviewed for this article, many of whom spoke …"

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"… en a reporter at the Idaho Statesman unearthed the potential conflict. The official resigned within days, but apparently broke no laws or rules because he had …"

"… e he had told his superiors about his employment. That’s right. A state official worked for a company in an industry he oversaw. Lawmakers apparently didn …"

"… s rare as you might think. Across the country, state lawmakers and agency officials operate with glaring conflicts of interest and engage in brazenly cozy re …"

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"… e returning to their farms, classrooms or offices. That’s led many Idaho officials to bristle at the idea that anything needs to change. But a series of rec …"

"… state ethics commission and no “cooling off” period preventing public officials from signing up as lobbyists as soon as they leave office. There are few …"

"… ancial disclosure laws that allow citizens to judge for themselves when an official has a conflict of interest or restrictions on officials moving directly in …"

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"… oles and stepped down after being re-elected. Department of Transportation official Troy Woodruff took advantage of an ethics law loophole that allowed him to …"

"… d the state’s poor scores reflect a deep-rooted reluctance to strengthen officials’ financial disclosure requirements and enact substantive ethics changes …"

"… n the Legislative Services Agency to advise lawmakers; barring any elected official or employee from using state money, facilities or personnel for political …"

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"… quiring personal disclosure for the vast majority of elected and appointed officials, and requiring annual ethics training for all public servants and lobbyis …"

"… tion and we’re proud of the work we’ve been able to accomplish to hold officials accountable.” Downgrade Louisiana’s score, however, has dropped sign …"

"… with loopholes and cynical interpretations by the governor and other state officials. Back in 2007, when Jindal was looking for ways to improve Louisiana’s …"

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"… nce considered minor, started to seem more glaring. In 2013, for example, officials at Maine’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention, in the process of …"

"…  hundreds of income disclosures each year from lawmakers and top officials in the executive branch. But Maine law allows officials to omit key detai …"

"… lawmakers and top officials in the executive branch. But Maine law allows officials to omit key details, like any asset, such as a second home or investment …"

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"… are few entities within state government dedicated to ensuring that public officials and agencies behave themselves. Free spending These weaknesses are mani …"

"… reports. Bragdon’s use of campaign funds was not flagged for review by officials, nor was it reported on by the New Hampshire press, which has had a dimin …"

"… ly ambiguous about what expenses are allowed during election season. A top official with the attorney general’s office conceded that the way the statute is …"

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"… om the governor’s office led to a curt denial in September 2014, when an official at the Alaska Department of Law essentially told her organization, “'Wel …"

"… efore Election Day. That was an exception to the norm. More often, public officials have simply rejected requests outright, and have faced few challenges, sa …"

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"… lections reform program built on public financing of campaigns. If elected officials were free from the need to raise ever-higher sums to run for office, lawm …"

"… y. It’s also solid blue — even when the state elects a Republican, the official’s outlier status is usually softened with the moniker “Connecticut Rep …"

"… ssed to the Legislature,” Meehan wrote. One of the clearest steps state officials could take to improve transparency and accountability, advocates say, wou …"

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"… failing to register as a political action committee. Ed Conard, a former official at private equity firm Bain Capital who had close ties to Romney, ultimate …"

"… M 2012 Holdings LLC is likewise not registered in Florida. Instead, it’s officially registered in Delaware, where records list only a registered agent: Dove …"

"… finitively say how large a role Black Men Vote played in either state, but officials with the super PAC say they were pleased with their efforts. “We know …"

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"… Slate, Business Insider, and Globalpost. …"

"… lessons for the future, was based on dozens of interviews with government officials and experts — including 11 flag or general military officers — and it …"

"… The report displays “a critical awareness and candor often missing from official documents,” says Sopko, the special inspector general. The depth of the …"

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"… print stories. A good example is Dr. John E. Parker, a former government official who now works at the West Virginia University hospital. Chris obtained per …"

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"… resources.” Yet some environmental experts, including a former top EPA official, are, essentially, asking the EPA to back up its words with concrete actio …"

"… — is more meaningful. “And it gives them the ability to take the EPA officials to their homes, and say, now look there’s this uranium mine … 100 yar …"

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"… f thousands of weapons. Jonathan Wolfsthal, a former Department of Energy official and as a special advisor to Vice President Joe Biden for nuclear security, …"

"… to announce the elimination or transfer of weapons materials, White House officials said, without providing details. Sources say one of them is Japan, which …"

"… ficant security upgrades in place, said Matthew Bunn, a former White House official now teaching at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. The sites are in …"

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"… ckpile of plutonium as an irresistible target — and to convince Japanese officials they should better protect this dangerous raw material. Specifically, U. …"

"… hey should better protect this dangerous raw material. Specifically, U.S. officials have struggled, without success so far, to persuade Japan to create a mor …"

"… ed here. It’s been a hard sell for Washington, according to experts and officials in both countries familiar with the diplomatic dialogue. With U.S. proddi …"

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"… the United States, in the form of 5,451 square metal wafers, according to officials in both countries. The agreement is to be announced at a U.S.-led interna …"

"… t terrorists cannot obtain such explosive materials, authorities say. U.S. officials say they have been worried the materials here have been casually guarded, …"

"… e first international Nuclear Security Summit in 2010, partly because U.S. officials were alarmed by how casually the explosives have been protected there. T …"

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"… 970s, and now he’s at it again — lecturing at symposia, standing up at official meetings, and confronting nuclear industry representatives with warnings a …"

"… ited States — has mostly been greeted by public silence among government officials in allied capitals. But there is little dispute the consequences could b …"

"… ittee expert on arms control. Henry Sokolski, a former Defense Department official who now runs the Nonproliferation Policy Education Center in Washington, s …"