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"… d. Persuading Bush to change his mind about CO2 restrictions, an institute official wrote, was a “famous victory” in “the war to save industrial civiliz …"

"… nd O’Neill. The message was sent, among others, to several high-ranking officials with various prior connections to energy and automotive concerns keenly i …"

"… e Republican Party,” said John Walke, who was a high-ranking air quality official in the Clinton administration and now works for the Natural Resources Defe …"

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"… me, once enshrined in law, would make coal less viable as a fuel. Industry officials, of course, feared that stricter versions of a multi-pollutant mandate co …"

"… he EPA assistant administrator on air and radiation. As the nation’s top official on air quality, Holmstead has promoted the Clear Skies Initiative during S …"

"… he presidential inaugural, and was one of more than thirty energy-industry officials who served on the Bush Transition Energy Advisory Team. According to the …"

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"… and Afghanistan went to companies employing former high-ranking government officials or individuals with close ties to those agencies or Congress.In addition, …"

"… ion in political contributions since 1990, and 13 employ former government officials or have close ties to various agencies and departments.Although Afghanist …"

"… d been based in Afghanistan, and prior to the March 2003 war on Iraq, U.S. officials had said that a democratic Afghanistan was central to winning the war on …"

The new soft money

By John Sents

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"… national party committees. Because they are associations of elected state officials, they can accept the kind of soft money contributions that are no longer …"

"… igns, including voter turnout programs and phone banks, according to a DGA official. It also has paid for a small number of polls, and has a political staff t …"

"… with the Federal Election Commission as an affiliate of the RNC.While now officially separate from the national parties, the two groups still enjoy wide reco …"

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"… that advises businesses and non-profits on ethics issues. Gilman was a top official at the federal government's Office of Government Ethics from 1988 to 2001. …"

"… ffspring of government and industry. There's even dispute among government officials as to whether it is a government entity subject to public scrutiny or a p …"

"… a private entity.Though TDF claims it is a completely private corporation, officials from the FCC, the Small Business Administration and the Treasury Departme …"

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"… d has been running even while the underlying data was unavailable."The FCC official told the Center that protective orders are not unusual with federal agenci …"

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"… wartzman. "That is the real problem here. …"

"… s Corp. Critics are particularly incensed the commission has held only one official public hearing on the controversial proposals, which are expected to touch …"

"… ich are expected to touch off a major new round of media consolidation.The officials often serve as speakers or panelists at the events, but many times go onl …"

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"… fense for Policy—currently Douglas Feith, a former Reagan administration official. All members are approved by the Secretary of Defense. The board’s quart …"

"… bers reads like a who’s who of former high-level government and military officials, focuses on long-term policy issues such as the strategic implications of …"

"… umsfeld, it has become more interested in policy changes. The board has no official role in policy decisions.The agendas for the last three meetings, which we …"

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"… of last year and began work at SBC Nov. 1.Attwood has met with senior FCC officials a total of four times since she's been with SBC, including meetings with …"

"… just symptomatic of the whole captured-agency problem."According to ethics officials at the FCC, federal law places a number of restrictions on employees who …"

"… ere is also a one year "cooling off period" for the most senior government officials.Attwood does not fall under the cooling off rule because she was not seni …"

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"… 800s that included cholera outbreaks and contaminated wells. In 1830, city officials accused the private water company of supplying water only to the rich. Ye …"

"… water company that served the city for 131 years. Nine months later, city officials awarded the nation's largest management contract to date — a 20-year, $ …"

"… USFilter had been seen as the top contender in the New Orleans deal. City officials led by Mayor Ray Nagin said they needed a private manager to keep water r …"

The 'aguas' tango

By Daniel Santoro

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"… ization, the move enriched a group of union leaders, crony capitalists and officials in the government of former President Carlos Menem. The private gains of …"

"… e cases earned windfall profits from the timely sale of their shares. Some officials are being investigated on corruption charges.As for the public benefits o …"

"… tted its regulatory oversight of the company.Indeed, the failure of public officials to meet the responsibilities that privatization demanded of them has been …"

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"… n the price gouging of customers. The city's mayor and three water company officials were convicted of corruption in 1995, and the water concession was cancel …"

"… criminal and civil cases, with accusations that include bribery of public officials, illegal political contributions, kickbacks, price fixing, operating cart …"

"… awarded in violation of the law, the prosecutors have charged.Both company officials and the party executives have admitted the companies agreed to pay 2 perc …"

The merchant of death

By André Verlöy

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"… his associates – ranging from former U.S. military personnel and Russian officials to African heads of state and organized crime figures – gave him a leng …"

"… ations against Bout.Dubbed "the merchant of death" by a British government official, Bout is a former Cold Warrior who became the most notorious gunrunner of …"

"… king or the sale of arms of kind [sic] anywhere in the world." A Pakistani official denied that Pakistan served as a conduit for weapons shipped to the Taliba …"

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"… ly all foreign investment has pulled out of the country. In 1995, a Unocal official admitted not only to hiring Burmese troops to protect two natural gas pipe …"

"… unstable governments, rebel insurgencies, and widespread corruption, such official distance can be hard to maintain.'Turning a Blind Eye'The motor of Angola' …"

"… Exxon – acknowledged making questionable payments to foreign government officials, politicians and political parties. The result was the passage in 1977 of …"

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"… ers just as that trade was mushrooming, according to a senior U.S. Customs official who spent decades investigating the black market in weapons. Up until 1995 …"

"… should we care?"Monitoring arms trafficking to Africa, one law enforcement official said, was a part-time job at Interpol.International arms embargoes, meanwh …"

"… or conflicts. But, according to numerous court cases, statements by former officials and press exposés in France, the now-defunct French state oil company, E …"

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"… politics. Records used to compile the report were collected from elections officials in every state as well the FEC.For the study, the three groups collected …"

"… ch was able to come in "under the radar" according to one former elections official, and avoid the type of media scrutiny endured by people who make big donat …"

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"… nd other experts familiar with the Houston research speculate that company officials are submitting low estimates because the Environmental Protection Agency …"

"… rnia registry as a recognized carcinogen. In 2000, the last year for which official data are available, 191 industrial plants in 34 states reported releasing …"

"… nation’s largest concentration of refineries and chemical plants—state officials are preparing major revisions to their sweeping smog-reduction plan for t …"

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"… er and meeting summary were provided to the Center by Eric Frumin, a union official in the forefront of efforts to get more reactive chemicals covered under t …"

"… al and Textile Employees, said he was given the documents by a senior OSHA official who said they represented the industry groups’ position on the proposal. …"

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"… s headless corpse was found two months later in a Kiev suburb. A Ukrainian official denied there had been any arms sales from Ukraine to Iraq. “We never vio …"

"… ble to conduct an effective investigation in any case where top government officials are involved,” he said. He added that so far only about 10 percent of t …"

"… ps and delivering humanitarian aid in Afghanistan. A U.S. State Department official said that, if the sale of arms and military equipment to Iraq were proven, …"

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"… list, which came to light last fall, was solicited for White House budget officials.A spokesperson for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration said …"

"… unaware of any industry objections” to the chemical proposal, which OSHA officials had drafted.But a government source told the Center that three industry t …"

"… ard.The proposal that might have accomplished that goal was erased from an official roster of pending regulatory initiatives as administration officials were …"

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"… ics commissions that regulate the conduct of executive and judicial branch officials, but exempt the state legislature. Another nine created independent agenc …"

"… ctions.In addition to the survey questions, which were answered by various officials, the Center interviewed executive directors of all the independent ethics …"

"… scandal, most governmental bodies had no specific laws prohibiting elected officials from using their offices for personal gain, let alone bodies to interpret …"

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"… ation that would delay the auction for two years. …"

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"… e millions more annually in profits.Connor, along with another former USDA official, said the insurance industry put pressure on top USDA people to pull Acker …"

"… he insurance industry came to informally meet with one or more senior USDA officials to get Ackerman removed from the negotiations,” as one of the officials …"

"… officials to get Ackerman removed from the negotiations,” as one of the officials told The Public i.While these claims are difficult to confirm conclusivel …"

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"… ounsel under the senior Bush administration.And Elliott Laws, a former EPA official and environmental litigator for the Justice Department, now heads Texaco …"

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"… organization theirs would be.Recount committees subject to campaign lawAn official from the FEC — the government agency responsible for monitoring national …"

Fixing the fixers

By Murali Krishnan

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"… n (cbi)—which questioned 207 bookies and punters, 16 cricketers and five officials of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (bcci)—six arduous months …"

"… we had our ways to make them (the bookies) resurface,” says a senior cbi official. From threats of attachment of property to holding out the danger of days …"

"… . “We wanted to confront the suspects with these transcripts,” says an official.For instance, the cbi found that Delhi bookie Mukesh Kumar Gupta, better k …"

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"… nization involved in a Playboy Mansion fund-raising flap. Democratic Party officials publicly threatened Representative Loretta Sanchez, D-Calif., with retrib …"

"… clarification laws to do away with some duplicative 527 reporting. An IRS official who spoke to the Center under the condition that the official not be ident …"

"… ting. An IRS official who spoke to the Center under the condition that the official not be identified, said that the law does not define “contact” or “c …"

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"… irst time the Center had sought the information.In the spring of 1999, DOE officials told the Center that such information could not be released for “propri …"

"… ot be released for “proprietary business reasons,” with Tony Como, the official in charge of the information, blaming DOE’s lawyers for being tight-fist …"

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"… sales by the 10th day of the month following the transaction.A former SEC official who asked not to be further identified said that he could recall at least …"

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"… cy groups and pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, according to his official biography.Fox, Bennett & Turner also funded the Alliance, chipping in …"

"… o embryos.On January 15, 1999, Harold Varmus, director of NIH, received an official legal opinion that federal funds could be used for stem cell research. NIH …"

"… what Geron and ACT are doing, but at a considerable cost, according to one official at the NIH familiar with the agencys policy on stem cell research. The off …"