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"… ows there may still be some easy cuts to make. One example:  a senior official in the Veterans Health Administration who spent more than $130,900 taxpaye …"

"… IG said. Yet for two and a half years, VA bosses signed off on the unnamed official’s frequent airfare plus week night hotel costs in Washington and a daily …"

"… ess of basic management decisions.” Flying to D.C. was a part of the VA official’s regular routine, and about 65 percent of his work days were spent ther …"

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"… ed, headed for Norway via Syria.He was followed by a petition from Iranian officials that Interpol, the international police agency, list him as a fugitive. D …"

"… ol issued a Red Notice and put Homayoun on its global most-wanted list.Now officially an Interpol fugitive because of the Red Notice, Homayoun can’t leave t …"

"… ical DanceInterpol won’t talk about specific cases or countries. But its officials say their job is complicated in cases where politics mingle with allegati …"

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"… ssary to protect the U.S. economy in the future, a top Treasury Department official said today."Scaling back or repealing major parts of the Dodd-Frank Act, o …"

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"… to pay for a piece of equipment that would have reduced the hazards.In the official report, inspectors didn’t mince words. They found instances in which “ …"

"… -intentioned companies; even VPP sites can’t be perfect. But former OSHA officials interviewed by iWatch News said that a death at a VPP workplace should ra …"

"… ’t imagine how that company can stay in the program.”The current No. 2 official at OSHA, Jordan Barab, told iWatch News that a death leading to the discov …"

But does it work?

By Chris Hamby

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"… he appearance of adhering to safety standards. Wade Smith, a former safety official for some of the nation’s largest construction contractors who now works …"

"… ConocoPhillips did not respond to repeated interview requests.Many union officials interviewed by iWatch News expressed a similar sentiment: VPP can be a go …"

"… onal Chemical Workers Union Council. Corey Thompson, top health and safety official at the American Postal Workers Union, said that, although the program has …"

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"… yden. “We estimate that thousands of Canadians were affected.” French officials recently fined Google €100,000 ($142,000), adding that the company had …"

"… ration has barely taken notice. Federal regulators and Justice Department officials have either ignored the incident or conducted cursory investigations that …"

"… uted that privacy advocates have resorted to elaborate pranks to embarrass officials into acting. Take the Federal Trade Commission. The FTC opened an invest …"

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"… attorneys general, consumer groups, and even a senior Treasury Department official are complaining that the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency is …"

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"… across the world.”The FAS report comes a week after the arrest of a top official in the Pakistani army, Brig. Ali Khan, on suspicion of having alleged cont …"

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"… uraged by Clear Air Act amendments decades ago.Lisa Jackson, the EPA's top official, in congressional testimony last week, complained of "special interests wh …"

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"… iately administer the nation’s tax laws.” One former high-ranking IRS official counted himself among those who didn’t think the whistleblower program w …"

"… ring an IRS hearing last month on the proposed changes, Thomas Kane, a top official in the IRS chief counsel’s office, explained that the agency couldn’t …"

"… te meeting.” But the IRS has refused to meet with him, Kelton said. IRS officials maintain that laws protecting taxpayer confidentiality prevent them from …"

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"… d-Frank reform law.TBTF banks – A senior Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. official says a systemically important bank or financial institution may be require …"

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"… DP — approximately $36 billion.Despite growing anti-tobacco activism and official Russian government policy now tilted against tobacco, Mercury’s Megapoli …"

"… un by former officers of the nation’s powerful security services. Former officials of those services also have taken positions in Kesaev companies.The gifts …"

"… Russian tobacco businessman spend millions of dollars to help retired FSB officials and military officers?“First of all you must remember that tobacco comp …"

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"… financial regulations mandated by the Dodd-Frank law, a top European Union official warned on Friday.The European Commissioner for Internal Market and Service …"

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"… o lower miners’ exposure to dust, the cause of black lung. Public health officials warn that there has been a resurgence of the disease, particularly in cen …"

"… quirement could have serious economic consequences.Petsonk, a former NIOSH official, said the proposed standard “is based on an impressive body of scientifi …"

"… ]. It could be age or predisposition; maybe they’re a smoker.”Industry officials also have raised concerns about the cost of the proposed rule. Complying …"

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"… er Harry Reid who will help spearhead Majority PAC; Ali Lapp, a former top official at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in the 2006 elections, …"

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"… Zimmerman, his birth name) listed in the White House visitor logs — the official record of who comes to call at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, maintained by the …"

"… He called the White House visitor logs “very thin gruel.”A White House official conceded the system has limitations, asserting it was designed not as an a …"

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"… birth," thus publicly confirming it as his birthplace.He insists that the official "Certification of Live Birth" that Obama produced in 2008 is "not a birth …"

"… artment of State uses "birth certificate" as a generic term to include the official Hawaii document, which satisfies legal requirements for proving citizenshi …"

"… is now-deceased American grandparents. Actually, a state health department official and a former managing editor of one of the newspapers said the information …"

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"… t in a swamp of paperwork.In many cases, the state does not know if school officials have fixed these problems. Instead, the state architect’s office issued …"

"… fice became closely alignedwith the industry it regulates. Government officials became members of a lobbying group for school construction firm …"

"… rship dues.The California Geological Survey redrew the state’s official earthquake hazard maps decades ago amid pressure from property owners, rea …"

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"… with this system?”  …"

"… year ago.Cuomo filed only Repo 105 lawsuitSo far, the only law enforcement official to take action against Repo 105 is former New York Attorney General Andrew …"

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"… federal firearms trafficking statute are many, say current and former ATF officials.The case of an alleged straw buyer in the Fast and Furious investigation, …"

"… F is powerless to immediately stop these sales, said the bureau’s former official, Bouchard, because there’s nothing illegal about buying a large number o …"

"… cted for months.The myriad of obstacles were vividly displayed in what ATF officials thought was an airtight case against George Iknadosian, the owner of the …"

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"… but which persists two years into his presidency. Westly, a former public official in California, declined repeated requests from the Center for interviews a …"

"… ts in March, he turned his back to ABC News and was escorted away by party officials. Those who have worked with Westly over the years say his greatest asset …"

"… at fellow venture capitalist Doerr’s estate. The meeting, a White House official said, was “part of our ongoing dialogue with the business community on h …"

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"… ountability, and a tendency to violate its own rules, says the GAO. JIEDDO officials have misreported the cost of pricey projects, apparently to get them more …"

"… spaghetti, looking to see what stuck,” said Dan Goure, a former defense official who is now vice-president at the Lexington Institute, a Washington, D.C.-a …"

"… nted on unmanned aerial vehicles to detect insurgents placing IEDs. JIEDDO officials said the radar was listed as “overhead” because it was essentially st …"

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"… s and directors, though it still has time to do so. Black, the former OTS official, says the agency’s review of banks like UCB shows how the FDIC followed …"

"… t payments on their initial, failing loans, according to the lawsuit. Bank officials approved policies “void of the most basic prudent lending controls,” …"

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"… the United States. Bruce Riedel, a former senior National Security Council official and CIA officer dealing with the Middle East, said that a less repressive …"

"… ne fifth of the world’s known oil reserves. King Abdullah, who has ruled officially since 2005 and de facto since 1995, is progressive in Saudi terms and ha …"

"… nationalism by wrapping themselves literally in Bahraini flags.IranIranian officials from Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and gov …"

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"… lick Cash. After months of silence from the Nevada-based companies, state officials were surprised when two Indian tribes, the Santee Sioux Nation of Nebrask …"

"… ist said no one was available to answer questions, but promised to have an official from the tribe call the Center. No one from the tribe responded to repeat …"

"… ays that the tribes want to reach a settlement in Colorado, too, but state officials have shown no interest in working things out. Guest notes that “I pers …"

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"… pacity magazines and other military features, according to law enforcement officials, investigative documents and court records.Other popular models identifie …"

"… of the border, the rifle can fetch upwards of $2,000 to $3,000 in Mexico, officials said.A matter of legal interpretationThe Obama administration says the pr …"

"… .“They let in just about anything,” said Gerald Nunziato, a former ATF official, who is now an independent consultant.Added Arizona’s former Democratic …"

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"… rs of cash by two billionaire customers.One of the bank’s moves amid the official push was to develop a computer program that would red-flag questionable mo …"

"… ys, management branded him as a troublemaker and eventually fired him.Bank officials say the computer program was a success, and that it does what it’s supp …"

"… the special inspector general for the federal bailout program, claims bank officials hid massive losses at Merrill from shareholders and then squeezed taxpaye …"

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"… nd in January if extra supervision is needed, a senior Treasury Department official told the Financial Stability Oversight Council today.The council – made …"

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"… ip Morris spokesman in Russia, Sergey Chernenko, acknowledged that company officials took part in the working group. “It is a natural democratic approach to …"

"… meeting with then President Vicente Fox, according to a former government official who attended the meeting. After the meeting, the government announced a co …"

"… 6 million in 2009, according to the Center for Responsive Politics – WHO officials say they are seeing more government-relations work in emerging markets. B …"

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"… ons: $52,000 to a charity run by the wife of the finance minister, the key official in deciding how much excise tax will be levied on tobacco.An ext …"

"… door exists between the Russian government and the tobacco industry, with officials at times holding concurrent positions with both industry groups and the a …"

"… stributes one billion cigarettes to soldiers, free of charge.Donskoy Tabak officials declined to comment for this story.Tobacco-control activists and business …"