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"… he plummeting stocks is a decade-long history of rampant fraud and lack of official oversight. Each year, thousands of tons of fish have been illegally caught …"

"… and Italians, joined by Turks and others, Mediterranean fishermen violated official quotas at will and engaged in an array of illegal practices: misreporting …"

"… 1998 and 2007, according to an analysis by ICIJ. The analysis was based on official estimates of total catch, Japan wholesale market prices, and official quot …"

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"… rket in the Mediterranean lasted only three months,” recounted a Spanish official who for years oversaw the industry. “The possibility of caging live blue …"

"… d’s supply, are starting to balk at excesses in the industry. Last year, officials in Japan took the unprecedented step of blocking the entrance of more tha …"

"… s with live fish. But the investment created a vicious cycle, ranchers and officials say. Once the ship owners had purchased multimillion dollar vessels, they …"

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"… is honing its focus on more large manufacturing sites, the agency’s No.2 official told reporters today.OSHA has inspected 187 worksites as part of its Recor …"

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"… o have a grassroots lobbying message,” said Marcus Owens, the former IRS official. Further, business trade groups such as the Chamber of Commerce have long …"

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"… of self-custodians by the SEC invites future scandals.”Last year, an SEC official told lawmakers that out of about 11,300 investment advisers registered wit …"

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"… e individual executives, didn’t identify Marcus as a convicted felon.HUD officials declined to comment on Gregg Marcus and his criminal conviction. In a sta …"

"… ned.While HUD says it tries to keep felons out of the FHA program, housing officials say they cannot bar other individuals just because they had previously wo …"

"… pany was barred from the program in 2009. The executive is currently a top official at another FHA lender in Texas, according to documents and interviews.BSM …"

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"… in Afghanistan are suspected of bribing both Taliban and Afghan government officials;U.S. money for a trash collection program in Iraq, administered by a bewi …"

"… se of the complex contracting chain.Edward Harrington, an Army procurement official, could not tell the Wartime Contracting Commission hearing in July how muc …"

"… ack trucks on certain routes, while other bribes flow to Afghan government officials, further fueling corruption, the report said.Solutions?Experts say some s …"

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"… ational tobacco producers said to have paid out a combined $6.2 million to officials of seven foreign governments, in attempts to win favorable business deals …"

"… ting FCPA bribery rules, enacted in 1977 to combat U.S. bribery of foreign officials.The companies have already settled with the two agencies, paying a combin …"

"… risk for corruption, and where gift-giving and side deals with government officials are commonplace, experts said.If the SEC’s allegations are true, “the …"

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"… endorsed Tiefer’s proposition — Edward Harrington, an Army procurement official; Cathy Read, the State Department’s head of acquisition; and Drew Luten, …"

"… f acquisition; and Drew Luten, a U.S. Agency for International Development official. Another commission member, Katherine Schinasi, pointedly asked the govern …"

"… ntracts because of human trafficking. None did.During questioning of a KBR official, Commissioner Grant Green asked how the company made sure its subcontracto …"

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"… oncluding that all forms of asbestos are dangerous and condemning industry officials for keeping the compound from being listed under Annex III of the Rotterd …"

"… khtar Ablyazov, who was accused of embezzlement. Ablyazov, who had been an official in the Kazakhstan government, fled to London. He told Vedomosti, …"

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"… working for herbicide, fungicide or pesticide manufacturers, she added.EPA officials said that with a limited budget the agency must rely heavily on research …"

"… for instance. These provide sufficient safeguards against skewed results, officials said.“Companies have a very strong incentive to follow the guidelines, …"

"… said. “Our scientists go over the studies with a fine tooth comb.”EPA officials said they were not able to provide a list of all omitted research.A spoke …"

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"… dog recommended the Army consider “corrective action with respect to ANC officials responsible for handling Ms. Gray’s termination and an appropriate reme …"

"… questions about retaliation against Gray and grew frustrated with an Army official who testified.Lt. Gen. Steven Whitcomb, the Army’s inspector general, li …"

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"… d not be reached for comment. When Kezer’s case was filed in 2008, a top official with Buchanan Automotive called his claim that the dealer doctored officia …"

"… fficial with Buchanan Automotive called his claim that the dealer doctored official paperwork “a very false statement.” In court filings, Buchanan’s att …"

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"… tatus of the inspectors general to political appointees, an administration official told the Center. “The administration does not support in any way politic …"

"… the Inspector General and we have not proposed these changes,” said the official, who spoke only on condition of anonymity because talks between Congress a …"

"… cerned the watchdogs faced a conflict of interest in reporting to the very officials in their agencies they were most likely to investigate.“One of the lega …"

Too big to jail?

By David Heath

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"… s no widespread patterns.”That surprises William K. Black, a former OTS official who helped coordinate criminal investigations during the S&L crisis. …"

The road gang

By Matthew Lewis

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"… t the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT). They intend to do this, one official recently said, “before we undertake massive expansion” of existing roa …"

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"… hook if they go bad, according to sources familiar with the probe. Federal officials say they are concerned that the Rainy Day Foundation could be thwarting g …"

"… ncies and “assists in managing HUD Neighborhood Watch statistics,” the official default figures maintained by the Department of Housing and Urban Developm …"

"… hether coverage had any value for borrowers, but shortly thereafter, a HUD official affirmed the department’s policy.An endangered fundThe official concerns …"

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"… e statements, but the true number they represent is many times higher than official reports, said James Thurber, director of the Center for Congressional and …"

"… t lobby disclosure forms for the alliance and for Polsinelli, talked to an official at the Senate’s public records division and learned the alliance was fil …"

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"… s of U.S. troops fighting the Taliban.But that’s just an estimate. A key official in the inspector general’s office established to oversee Afghan reconstr …"

"… irs office for procurement named a lieutenant colonel in Virginia, an Army official in San Antonio, a deputy secretary in the Army in Virginia and a general i …"

"… secretary in the Army in Virginia and a general in Afghanistan. No single official would be able to explain all the aspects of a given contract, the office s …"

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"… David Blumenthal, the administration’s top health information technology official, said at Thursday’s hearing that ensuring the safety of the systems is …"

"… fy the best opportunities to improve safety.”  Shuren, the FDA official, offered three possible options for federal oversight. He said the agency …"

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"… d that they had been raped or otherwise sexually assaulted on campus. OCR officials have said punishing schools is unnecessary and impractical; an ultimate p …"

"… er cases to the Justice Department for litigation, but hasn’t needed to, officials have said, because schools naturally fall into line once they are investi …"

"… inst schools, and instead they use this very soft approach.” Former OCR officials countered that investigations themselves are onerous and costly for colle …"

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"… believe that fostering greater use of health information technology, which officials refer to as HIT, will significantly improve the quality of medical care, …"

"… an FDA spokesman, Shuren declined a request for an interview. The FDA official outlined three possible approaches for tighter scrutiny. The agency could …"

"… ntial safety concerns because it is the “right thing to do,” a company official said. “This transparency is especially important at a time when the …"

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"… t money to improve interoperability among first responders nationwide. DHS officials have said that more grant money has gone to interoperability than to any …"

"… the country was nowhere near ready to handle a real disaster. By 2009, DHS officials were still struggling to convince Congress that first responders could re …"

"… nae and tower systems. But an array of communications experts and even DHS officials say that equipment alone cannot create interoperability.“There was a la …"

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"… a debate that’s intensifying as medicine enters the digital era.Federal officials hope to create a digital medical record for every American within the nex …"

"… d view the same records their doctors do. Exceptions, said Consumers Union official Steve Findlay, might revolve around mental health problems or other highly …"

"… rs, who in 2008 viewed over 16 million of them online, according to Kaiser officials.At first the health plan included the warning flags its doctors see. But …"

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"… enthal, the Department of Health and Human Services’ top digital records official and a physician, previously was with Massachusetts General Hospital, which …"

"… achusetts General Hospital, which received the query from Grassley.Federal officials expect to spend up to $27 billion in stimulus money over the decade to he …"

"… e to help doctors and hospitals purchase the systems. On Dec. 30, Medicare officials issued draft guidelines detailing standards that doctors and hospitals mu …"

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"… ustees are independent, each is either a current or former Federal Reserve official.One trustee, Jill M. Considine, chairs a firm that administers hedge fund …"

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"… ouse bill],” says lobbyist C. Kyle Simpson, who was an Energy Department official in the Clinton administration. Among his 14 climate change clients is the …"

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"… consolidation alone would change entrenched attitudes. An unnamed top OCC official who supervised the Ocala National inspection team told the inspector gener …"

"… s requests for an interview. In their formal response to the Treasury, OCC officials acknowledged shortcomings in their oversight of Ocala National.The former …"

"… ank failures so far this year, the fund has bled into the red, and federal officials now are scrambling to find ways to shore it up. Matthew Anderson, a partn …"

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"… cess … where people can have input both for and against.” …"

"… the Environment (MDE). While it is unclear if any laws were broken, state officials now say they are looking into the matter. And while the recession has tem …"

"… ter, including e-mails, letters, and memos, show that as early as 2004 MDE officials knew that Trappe did not have the required Talbot County approval to buil …"