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Xavier Becerra has voted repeatedly to protect Social Security, Medicare

By Amy Biegelsen and Josh Israel

Toomey's Club for Growth years will inform his deficit committee work

By Josh Israel and Aaron Mehta

Portman known as a pro-business moderate Republican

By Corbin Hiar, Josh Israel and Aaron Mehta

Kyl will oppose "job-killing" tax hikes in Super Congress talks

By Amy Biegelsen, Jeremy Borden and Aaron Mehta

Hensarling will take hard line into Super Congress debates

By John Aloysius Farrell and Josh Israel

Fred Upton must balance devastated Michigan with cost-cutting

By Jeremy Borden and Aaron Mehta

Max Baucus is known as a centrist dealmaker

By Jeremy Borden and Aaron Mehta

Super Congress co-chair Patty Murray champions liberal causes, big business

By David Heath and Josh Israel

Dave Camp, Ways and Means chair, would cut "out of control" spending

By Amy Biegelsen, Josh Israel and Peter H. Stone

John Kerry, Dem appointee to Super Congress, has record of working across the aisle

By John Aloysius Farrell and Aaron Mehta

Who bankrolls the Super Congress?

By Sandy Johnson

Revolving door: 100% increase in lobbyists now working for Congress

By Alexandra Duszak

Blue Dogs, decimated by defeats and retirements, turn to lobbying shops

By Aaron Mehta

High-speed rail initiative derailed as part of budget compromise

Who bankrolls the budget showdown players

By iWatch News

Scared Red: The PACs that followed the nation rightward in 2010

By Josh Israel, Aaron Mehta and Elizabeth Lucas