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Donald Trump's new finance guru: once a Clinton donor, Soros employee

Ted Cruz and friends spent $10 per vote in Indiana. Trump won anyway.

By Michael Beckel

Conservatives can't stop Trump in Indiana despite last-ditch ad blitz

By Michael Beckel

Pro-Cruz super PAC plays offense in Indiana

By Cady Zuvich

Donald Trump steamrolling toward nomination despite negative ad blitz

By Michael Beckel and Cady Zuvich

$1 billion spent in 2016 presidential race — and other numbers to know

Sanders spent $9 per vote in New York. Trump? About 13 cents.

By Michael Beckel

Sanders falters in New York despite outspending Clinton on airwaves

By Dave Levinthal and Michael Beckel

Pierre Omidyar gives $100,000 to new anti-Trump super PAC

By John Dunbar, Michael Beckel and Carrie Levine

Pro-Trump super PAC wants your money

By Cady Zuvich

Federal Election Commission dismisses complaint against rapper

By Michael Beckel

How ‘Citizens United’ is helping Hillary Clinton win the White House

By Dave Levinthal

Inside Hillary Clinton's big-money cavalry

By Dave Levinthal

Bernie Sanders hopes ad blast will win Wisconsin

By Cady Zuvich

How Big Tobacco lobbies to safeguard e-cigarettes

By Nicholas Kusnetz

E-cigarette laws written with the help of Reynolds American

By Nicholas Kusnetz and Jared Bennett