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Opioid makers paid millions to advocacy groups that promoted their painkillers amid addiction epidemic

By Matthew Perrone and Geoff Mulvihill

Leader of Put Vets First! PAC prioritizes telemarketers and himself

By Sarah Kleiner

Did Donald Trump profit from his own presidential transition?

By Carrie Levine

​​​​​​​Lesson of 2017: Political campaign season truly never ends

By Ashley Balcerzak and Dave Levinthal

Turkey's propaganda war targets America's state capitals

By Liz Essley Whyte

High-profile charities distance themselves from telemarketer following federal allegations

By Sarah Kleiner

Actions, not words, tell Trump's political money story

By Dave Levinthal

Idaho lawmakers kill bill requiring personal financial disclosures

By Kristian Hernández

Telemarketer for conservative causes pays $250,000 fine

By Sarah Kleiner

These are the only two states that don't require lawmakers to disclose finances

By Kristian Hernández

Watchdog dings veterans charities after Center for Public Integrity investigation

By Sarah Kleiner

By the numbers: a 2017 money-in-politics index

The unexpected jobs your state lawmakers have outside the office

By Kristian Hernández

Watchdog calls for investigation into Wilbur Ross

By Ashley Balcerzak

New hope, new problem: Will the Federal Election Commission shut down?

By Dave Levinthal