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Donald Trump dismantles Hillary Clinton's big money machine

By Carrie Levine, Michael Beckel and Dave Levinthal

GOP dominates Democrats in governors’ races

By Michael J. Mishak and Ben Wieder

Team Clinton sponsored 75 percent of TV ads in 2016 presidential race

By Michael Beckel

FEC inspector general says top agency official duped her into releasing confidential criticisms

By Dave Levinthal

Clinton’s super-sized fundraising machine pushes legal boundaries

By Michael Beckel

Liberal super PAC dispatches army of door knockers

By Carrie Levine

Best of the Center for Public Integrity's 2016 election coverage

By John Dunbar

Is Donald Trump a threat to animals?

By Lateshia Beachum

Super PACs, ‘dark money’ groups eschew presidential race for Senate

By Carrie Levine

10 things to know about 2016's state elections

By Kytja Weir and Ben Wieder

Pro-Trump super PAC back in the fray — this time in Spanish

By Jared Bennett

Electoral mischief is goal of new pro-Gary Johnson super PAC

By Michael Beckel

Pro-Hillary Clinton super PAC accepted illegal contributions

By Dave Levinthal

Wisconsin’s richest woman uses super PAC to denounce Clinton, Feingold

By Michael Beckel

Hillary’s big money machine steams toward Election Day

By Dave Levinthal, Michael Beckel and Carrie Levine

Democratic megadonor bankrolls ‘Republicans for Clinton’ super PAC

By Michael Beckel