'Model' workplaces avoid special government scrutiny targeting hazardous industries

By Chris Hamby

'Model' workplaces avoid special scrutiny targeting hazardous industries

IMPACT: OSHA strengthens rules for 'model workplace' program

By Chris Hamby

IMPACT: Companies exempted from some safety inspections under an OSHA program will face automatic removal after work-related deaths.

IMPACT: OSHA's 'model workplace' program needs reform, report finds

By Chris Hamby

Companies exempt from some inspections under a special OSHA program should face tighter scrutiny, a report finds, echoing a Center series.

OSHA reforms Voluntary Protection Programs

By Alice Su

Labor Department official announces changes to a program that rewards supposedly safer-than-average workplaces

Massachusetts workers killed, injured at facilities touted as 'Model Workplaces'

By Beverly Ford

Safety risks, injuries and even fatalities plague Mass. worksites touted by OSHA as among the nation's safest

Inspector general to examine ‘model workplaces’ program

By Chris Hamby

Labor's Inspector General will examine a federal 'model workplaces' program highlighted in Center investigation

IMPACT: Agency task force conducting ‘top-to-bottom review’ of ‘model workplaces’ program

By Chris Hamby

A federal task force is conducting a “top-to-bottom review” of a program that exempts “model workplaces” from regular safety inspections.

New scrutiny of worker safety excludes some chemical plants

By Chris Hamby

Worries about catastrophes at chemical plants prompts special inspection program, but some sites remain off-limits.

Deaths at ‘model workplaces’ missing from list of federal overseers

By Chris Hamby

OSHA unaware of some deaths at 'model workplaces'

OSHA acknowledges database of fatal accidents incomplete

By Chris Hamby

Agency admits some deaths at "model workplaces" missing from its list

Lost letter: How government fails to deliver on worker safety

By Chris Hamby

Persistent hazards at a top U.S. employer underscore regulators’ mixed message — and inconsistent tactics

California's 'safe' workplaces include employers with spotty records

By FairWarning

The explosion that killed James F. Spotts easily could have been avoided.

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