Excerpts from this story referencing American Chemistry Council

"… ts to revamp TSCA — from the industry’s $100 million lobbying arm, the American Chemistry Council, to the Environmental Defense Fund, an advocacy group, to the EPA itself. …"

"… ral Resources. As the Center for Public Integrity reported last year, the American Chemistry Council and other industry groups fight nearly every state measure, contending tha …"

"… y had in previous sessions, the Association of Washington Business and the American Chemistry Council pushed back against the flame retardants bill, officially filing oppositio …"

Excerpts from this story referencing American Chemistry Council

"… What happened this year in Hartford shows how industry — fueled by the American Chemistry Council, a $100-million-a-year advocacy group glittered with Fortune 500 partners …"

"… alth. I don’t think we ever got the opportunity to see that.” For the American Chemistry Council, it was another in a string of victories in state houses from Maine to Was …"

"… re feeling threatened.” Big money, big connections — and results The American Chemistry Council has resources to push back, representing members such as Dow, Pr …"