Urban League parrots telecom donors' net-neutrality stance

By Allan Holmes and John Dunbar

Civil rights group calls for lighter Internet regulation that would benefit telecommunications donors.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Internet":

"… f “network neutrality” that aggravated activists but made providers of Internet services cheer. Morial’s column in The Hill newspaper reflected a posit …"

"… position on the issue — which is about whether all content sent over the Internet be treated equally — that was very much the same as that of David Cohen, …"

"… d Cohen, executive vice president of Comcast Corp., the nation’s largest Internet service provider. It’s not unusual that Comcast would make that argumen …"

"… ecision to speak out had more to do with money and relationships than with Internet policy. It turns out that Cohen has sat on the Urban League’s board of …"

Building a tax fairyland in Luxembourg in five not-so-easy steps

By Alison Fitzgerald and Kimberley Porteous

How The Walt Disney Co. gathered ownership of its empire, from Australia to Denmark to the Cayman Islands, into Luxembourg.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Europe":

"… hip of WDI Ltd., and by extension more than a dozen Disney subsidiaries in Europe and Australia, into a Cayman Islands-registered company called Hammersmith …"

Luxembourg tax deals for Disney, Koch brothers empires revealed

By Alison Fitzgerald and Marina Walker Guevara

New leak discloses secret tax agreements between major American companies and Luxembourg.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Barack Obama":

"… aised more than $400 million in an unsuccessful effort to thwart President Barack Obama’s bid for re-election in 2012. They were back this year, supporting Repu …"

Russian bank hires two former U.S. senators

By Alexander Cohen

U.S. sanctions against Russia are becoming a boon for Washington's lobbyists.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Gazprom":

"… Vladimir Putin, was similarly targeted for sanctions by the United States. …"

"… sanctions, according to a new disclosure filed with the Senate. Gazprombank is controlled by Russia’s state-owned energy company Gazprom, the co …"

"… enate. Gazprombank is controlled by Russia’s state-owned energy company Gazprom, the country’s largest gas producer; it supplies about a third of Europe …"

"… mer Senator John Breaux, D-La., are listed as the main lobbyists under the Gazprombank account for the firm Squire Patton Boggs, lobbying on “banking laws …"

Casinos and offshore companies battle for billions in online gambling push

By Nicholas Kusnetz

Congress, states and a rich mix of characters argue over regulation.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Texas":

"… t’s initial interpretation of the Wire Act; in March, Gov. Rick Perry of Texas and Gov. Nikki Haley of South Carolina sent their own letters — each nea …"

Japan reaffirms its plan to produce plutonium

By Douglas Birch and Jake Adelstein

The Abe government’s new energy plan calls for completing the Rokkasho plutonium fuel factory despite U.S. concern it poses terrorism risks

Excerpts from this story referencing "Chinese government":

"… ay ranks fifth  in the world, behind four nuclear-weapons states. The Chinese government in recent weeks has repeatedly expressed concern about Japan’s plans to …"

CDC launches industry-financed studies of deadly kidney disease in Central America

By Sasha Chavkin

The CDC launches industry-funded research into a kidney disease killing thousands of Central American agricultural workers.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Europe":

"… e scientists and NGOs involved in groups such as CENCAM, many of them from Europe and United States, focus on brutal working conditions in the sugar industr …"

Two Center projects are finalists for esteemed Goldsmith Prize

By Bill Buzenberg

'Secrecy for Sale' and 'Breathless and Burdened' up for investigative reporting award.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Europe":

"… weeping policy changes and high-profile resignations around the world. The European Union’s top tax official has called Offshore Leaks “the most signifi …"

"… ficial has called Offshore Leaks “the most significant trigger” behind Europe’s newfound resolve to crack down on offshore hideaways and global tax do …"

How ICIJ reported on China's offshore leaks

By The Center for Public Integrity

ICIJ reporter Marina Walker Guevara takes you behind the China leaks story.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Madrid":

"… rainy summer morning had arrived from all over: Beijing, Taipei, New York, Madrid, Washington, Berkeley and Munich. A veteran Chinese journalist greeted th …"

ICIJ offshore records reveal tax haven clients in China, Hong Kong

Files shed light on more than 20,000 tax haven clients from Hong Kong and mainland China.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Europe":

"… ICIJ has sifted through with help from more than 50 reporting partners in Europe, North America, Asia and other regions. Since last April, ICIJ’s storie …"

Highlights of Offshore Leaks so far

By Kimberley Porteous and Emily Menkes

Highlights of ICIJ's offshore leaks investigation.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Europe":

"… for his unpaid fine of 167.2 billion won ($149.3 million).   One of Europe’s top bankers offered his resignation one day after news broke that he s …"

"… Zurich-based law firm Lenz & Staehlin has aided some of Europe's richest families park their wealth offshore. “People don’t set …"

"… ne Zurich-based law firm, Lenz & Staehlin, has aided some of Europe's richest families park their wealth offshore. “People don’t set …"

High bladder cancer rate shrouds New York plant, exposing chemical hazards in the workplace

By Jim Morris

A decades-long spate of bladder cancer at a Goodyear plant in Niagara Falls, N.Y. spotlights limits of regulation over dangerous chemicals.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Environmental Protection Agency":

"… rp. of Pittsburgh and AC&S Inc. of Nitro, W.Va., according to the Environmental Protection Agency — import it from countries such as Germany, China and India. The compoun …"

Push against offshore secrecy an uphill battle

By Michael Hudson

Big players are taking unprecedented steps to stop offshore abuses, but financial crime fighters worry reforms don’t go far enough.

Excerpts from this story referencing "France":

"… aggressive plans in motion. These events included an offshore scandal in France involving President Hollande’s former budget minister and the rollout of …"

"… -haven records, publishing stories in more than 40 news outlets, including France’s Le Monde, which added to the pressure on Hollande by exposing the offs …"

"… nsformation of tax politics in Europe. Days after the leak stories broke, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the U.K. announced they had agreed to an expans …"

State pro-business organizations are publicly funded, but privately controlled

By Nicholas Kusnetz

Unelected business authorities operate on state funds, but disclose little.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Jerry Colangelo":

"… mplex suggests. It’s led by a board of directors run by the governor and Jerry Colangelo, who, after four decades as an Arizona sports and real estate mogul, is a …"

"… Marriott Desert Ridge Resort & Spa, Watson cheerily declined to speak. Jerry Colangelo also declined to comment through his assistant, as did each of the other f …"

"… f Gov. Jan Brewer’s signature achievements, but its public face has been Jerry Colangelo, the former owner of the Phoenix Suns and Arizona Diamondbacks. Colangelo …"

"… o make the road a reality. Douglas Ranch is owned jointly by JDM Partners, Jerry Colangelo’s development company, and El Dorado Holdings, which is led by Mike Ingr …"

'Offshore Leaks' investigation earns ICIJ an honorary doctorate from Belgian university

By Bill Buzenberg

Director Gerard Ryle accepts honorary degree from University of Liège in Belgium this week.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Europe":

"… ing some gratifying recognition for our major tax haven investigation from Europe, where the project has been one of the year’s biggest stories. Just this …"

In new battleground over toxic reform, American Chemistry Council targets the states

By Ronnie Greene

The fight between industry and activists over regulation of toxic chemicals has shifted from Washington, D.C., to state venues.

Excerpts from this story referencing "chemical industry":

"… ures represent just ACC contributions. From 2005 through part of 2012, the chemical industry “gave $39 million to candidates for federal office” and “spent $333 …"

"… uld merely duplicate federal efforts and add layers of government. “The chemical industry keeps their message simple. Chemicals: Good. Business: Good. Banning chemi …"

"… se and died entirely, said bill co-sponsor Sen. Nelson. “Once again the chemical industry won the fight in Washington State,” Nelson said in August. “We had the …"

"… won the fight in Washington State,” Nelson said in August. “We had the chemical industry and Association of Washington Business, the usual suspects, sitting i …"

Global impact of ‘Offshore Leaks’ grows

By Bill Buzenberg

The global impact of our latest international investigation has been astonishing.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Canada":

"… uiries have been launched in Israel, South Korea, the Philippines, Greece, Canada, India, Mongolia, Austria and Australia. In Europe, the EU’s top tax of …"

Nuclear Waste: How a huge U.S. nonproliferation program became a major proliferation concern

By Douglas Birch and R. Jeffrey Smith

PART ONE OF A SERIES: More than a decade of negotiations with Russia produced a clear winner, and it was not the United States.

Excerpts from this story referencing "MOX plant":

"… reactor fuel — a key step on the path to a revived breeder program. The MOX plant was “the plutonium nose under the tent,” said Henry Sokolski, who serv …"

"… Global Nuclear Energy Partnership. Formal papers ordering the start of the MOX plant construction were signed in August 2007 by a former chief of the Bush-Chen …"

"… disclosed by Wikileaks. His ambition was clear: Moscow wanted the Russian MOX plant, financed by Washington, to make fuel not for standard reactors, but for a …"

"… vember 2007 — 3 ½ months after construction began at the Savannah River MOX plant — Bush administration Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman and the director ge …"

More bundlers picked for plush ambassador posts

By Michael Beckel

Obama picks campaign fundraisers for diplomatic posts in Belgium and the Dominican Republic.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Belgium":

"… bsp; …"

"… resident’s 2012 campaign — has been chosen to be the new ambassador to Belgium, the White House announced in a press release Friday afternoon. Bauer, wh …"

Obama’s nuclear targeting revisions create a path to smaller arsenals

By R. Jeffrey Smith

Obama's plan embraces cuts that Moscow remains reticent to endorse.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Secretary of Defense":

"… bs and warheads held in reserve. Obama signed the classified directive to Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel on June 18, a senior administration official said. That was on …"

ICIJ releases offshore leaks database revealing names behind secret companies, trusts

By Marina Walker Guevara

Users can search ICIJ information about more than 100,000 offshore entities and discover the networks around them.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Canada":

"… has shaken the political and economic establishments from South Korea to Canada, sparking investigations, resignations and a renewed sense of urgency amon …"

Obama campaign fundraisers picked for plum ambassadorships

By Michael Beckel

Obama’s new picks for ambassadorships in Denmark, Germany and Spain are all major fundraisers.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Barack Obama":

"… or-nominees must be confirmed by the U.S. Senate.     …"

Reform pushed to G-8 meeting agenda after ICIJ's offshore tax haven investigation

By Bill Buzenberg

Series hardened political will to tackle problem of tax evasion, EU commissioner says.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Europe":

"… f Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) continues to reverberate, especially in Europe. Tax havens will be high on the agenda when the G-8 countries sit down for …"

"… that tax transparency overrides the principle of data privacy. Likewise, European Council President Herman Van Rompuy says there has been a "real breakthr …"

"… s ago. . . . There is a strong political will by the leaders, not only the Europeans but also on a global level, to go forward in attacking tax fraud and ta …"

Target malfunctions imperil U.S. missile defense effort

By Richard H.P. Sia

The Pentagon is repeatedly taking risks by using old or untested missile parts, and paying hundreds of millions of dollars in extra costs.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Obama administration":

"… United States, anyway. And in March, amid North Korean saber rattling, the Obama administration announced a $1 billion plan to add 14 more of the GMD interceptors in Alas …"

Practice attack on Moscow was anything but routine

By Douglas Birch

Did 1983 U.S.-NATO war game bring the world to the brink of Armageddon?

Excerpts from this story referencing "RYAN":

"… e U.S.S.R. The massive intelligence-gathering effort, called “Operation RYAN,” pressured the KGB to find proof that the U.S. was planning a “decapi …"

Release of offshore records draws worldwide response

By Kimberley Porteous and Michael Hudson

Tax commissioner in China vows crackdown on offshore tax avoidance and tax fraud, following ICIJ reports.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Europe":

"… ed from getting funding from the budget or from state banks.   The European Parliament voted last week to strengthen its requirements for automatic …"

"… nues in the EU,” stated a summary of the reform that was prepared by the European Parliament’s Green Party. The Danish Tax Minister announced a plan …"

"… ian tax authorities. The Chief Executive Officer of one of Europe’s biggest banks, Raiffeisen Bank International AG, has resigne …"

"… ed with the Raiffeisen banking group for four decades and took its eastern European division public, used companies in Hong Kong and the British Virgin …"

ICIJ tax havens investigation pushes countries to launch investigations

By Bill Buzenberg

U.S., U.K. and Australia jointly announce investigations into offshore tax haven accounts.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Europe":

"… e ICIJ investigation into tax havens has become a major political issue in Europe, and the results of our investigation have been cited more than 9,000 time …"

Authorities in the U.S., U.K. and Australia announce new international tax haven investigation

Government data appears similar to 2.5 million secret files unearthed by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Norway":

"… ovo, Latvia, Malaysia, Mexico, Moldova, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Paraguay, Philippines, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, Sout …"

EU continues to seek action after ICIJ 'Secrecy for Sale' investigation

By Bill Buzenberg

Europe continues to seek action after ICIJ tax havens investigation; Center environment team to be honored at White House association dinner

Excerpts from this story referencing "Europe":

"… reaction from around the globe and appears to be having a major impact in Europe. The investigative series on offshore secrecy by The International Consort …"

"… s of the records and the reporting. Among the latest developments: The European Commissioner on Taxation Algirdas Šemeta and Irish Finance Minister Mic …"

"… us" on tax fraud, and says it will ask ICIJ to supply names and details of European citizens from its data. Finance ministers and central bankers at the G2 …"

"… as the global standard for overcoming international tax evasion. Skeptical European leaders reportedly "became more enthusiastic" after the public outcry ov …"

Continuing our investigation into the trillion-dollar world of offshore tax havens

By Bill Buzenberg

Our investigation into the previously secret world of tax havens from the British Virgin Islands to Singapore continues throughout 2013.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Canada":

"… ontinuing to come in from various governments, including the U.S., France, Canada, Greece, the Philippines and others. French budget minister Bernard Cazene …"