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Millions could lose low-cost phone service under FCC reforms 

By Ryan Barwick

The basis for killing network neutrality rules is bogus, studies say

By Aliya Sternstein and Joe Yerardi

5G wireless pits cities against telecoms and their friends in the FCC

By Allan Holmes

FCC says small cells will close the digital divide. Most say they won't

By Allan Holmes

Residents worried about small cell safety have been waiting years for federal guidance

By Ryan Barwick

The future of the internet is up for grabs — theoretically

By Ryan Barwick

FCC packs broadband advisory group with big telecom firms, trade groups

By Blake Dodge

Saving face: Facebook wants access without limits

By Jared Bennett

Comcast shareholders reject lobby disclosure resolution for the fourth straight year

By Blake Dodge

Lobbying muscle may help tech titans trump Trump

By Allan Holmes and Jared Bennett

AT&T and Time Warner: lower prices not part of the bargain

By Allan Holmes

DSL providers save faster internet for wealthier communities

By Allan Holmes and Ben Wieder

Network neutrality decision likely won't go to Supreme Court

By Oghene Oyiborhoro

Rich people have access to high-speed Internet; many poor people still don't

How the Center for Public Integrity measured Internet inequality

By Ben Wieder